If you asked me how I spent my past weekends, I would say “Eventful”. Yes! Eventful, cos starting from my knock off time on fri, my time was fully packed for a grp of SIX, coming down specially from Melaka for their pre-xmas holiday. Wat more other than my cousins and the bf, the other 3 came here for the 1st time. And so I played host as well as the main unofficial tour guide for the past 3N2D … with 小妹 as 友情客串 after 10 for the 1st and 3rd nite. She only managed to get a day off on the 2nd day cos peak season for her sales job.

Since it was their 1st time, I jokingly suggested the usual tour package route of going to … Museums, and was rejected as expected. Shoppings and food were the only items in their agenda 😛

30 Nov Fri nite

Met up with them to 大妹’s place after 小妹 left for a last min work though she was supposed to be off on this day.

Next to Bugis …

They had actually drove 2 cars down but because I wasn’t familiar with driving route, they have to take cabs/mrt/bus rides during these day. Anyway it was a good idea too cos every carparks were full at popular hangouts.

Jane arranged with her friend whom she knew in Melaka to join us for the nite, who was actually a Jetstar pilot. woo… Quite a chatting guy, and the 2 of us being the only singaporeans among them were cracking our brains of where to bring them for dinner supper.


It was almost 10pm and I had yet to have my dinner while the rest already had small bites before we met. So right after the short tour around Bugis Junction and Bugis Village, we went in search for a suitable eating place along liang seah st where they could accommodate all 9 of us, we decided to settle down at the chinese thai restaurant.

01 Dec Sat

Remember I mentioned earlier that they drove out 2 cars but weren’t of use? However parking in spore wasn’t free, and so both cars’ wind screens were filled up with coupons.

Oh ya! Where were they staying then? Well, all 6 of them were staying FREE at 大妹’s hse cos she was having confinement at her pil’s hse.

First trip of the day was to Vivo. As they weren’t familiar with changing of mrt lines to harbourfront, 小妹 and I decided to meet them up at douby ghaut instead. But as we were late, we decided to take a cab down while the rest were waiting ‘patiently’ at the station. And while waiting for us, they had managed to finger out the way to harbourfront line … but too late for us, if not we could just take 15mins bus ride direct down to Vivo 😦

It was lunch hour by the time we reached Vivo, and soon after a small walk, we headed off to Food Republic for our lunchie before we continued our shoppings.

Next stop … Chinatown. Hehehe … I simply like to bring ppl to chinatown. Well, good food CAN be found anywhere there, plus I will be bringing them to the people’s park hawker centre for some cheap clothings, then to Central Mall, before heading off to Clarke Quay for a drink.

But it seems that the clothings sold weren’t nice enough for them, they decided to make a trip back to complete their rounds at the Bugis Village on the next day.

It had been a long day walk where all felt sweaty and tired. Eddy actually suggested to return to 大妹’s hse to drop all their buyings and take a short shower. This shocked me cos the trip to and fro plus showering will take them hours, and it was almost 6.30pm then. Worse was the cab fare :-O Well, they were used to those ‘normal’ overseas trip way of shopping around their hotel areas.

After explaining the consequences of returning back, and my planning of this trip (chinatown/ppl’s park/central mall/clarke quay), they forgo the idea.

We had a thorough walk at Clarke Quay before settling down at the Gelare dining place. And we started playing around with 小妹’s new toy, Sony T70 which Al bought for her as xmas gift from chinatown in the afternoon. With ‘the spots a smile’ Smile Shutter function, it really drove us crazy, showing our ‘white’ teeth around 😛

02 Dec Sun

The highlight of the day trip was the xmas lightings at Orchard. So this was placed last on the itinerary.

Well, it was plain courtesy to at least say ‘Hi’ to my mum since my cousins were down here. And so this ‘Hi’ trip was placed 1st on the itinerary. Afterwhich I brought them to Sakura at Clementi Woods for Anthony’s long-awaited trip (ever since I told them about this place during my yr-end Melaka trip last yr, he had been looking forward to it since then 😮 )

We were supposed to go in 2 cabs but Anthony, J, G and I waited in vain for a cab, and so took a bus down instead. The walk from climbing up the overhead bridge and long route into the restaurant made them super hungry then 😛

Next we went to Bugis Village for their cheap and bargaining buys. It was actually my 1st time to really have a good thorough walk thru this cramped pasar malam (pasar = market, malam = nite, but then it wasn’t really a market and it was opened since morning). We stayed approx 2hrs before we starting to head off to Orchard.

I brought them over to Far East Plaza for yet another round of shopping while waiting for the lightings to be up.

Through the past 2 days, I had them experienced the rushings and crowds in the mrt. Jane exclaimed that singaporeans’ walking stamina was incredible. I could only say we were used to such walk, plus the distance between our hse to working place average took half an hour to one, most will have to wake up as early as 6am+ for 8.30/9am work. They were too used to driving their own car back in msia where they could sleep till late hours before setting off to work.

And so, while taking the ‘long’ walk to Heeren, we took some pix with the lightings along the way.

All were tired and hungry by 8+, and after having ‘rich’ food for the past few days, they wanted to eat something simple, and so I suggested Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Cineleisure. ‘Simple’ enough right =P

While waiting for the rest outside the toilets, I noticed this colour wall and soon we started taking numerous shots with it. We pretended as if we were mobels for the levi’s watch ad 😛

After more xmas lightings shots taken, we headed off to Swensen for desserts and chat while waiting for 小妹 to arrive. Our round of ‘white teeth’ shots with T70 started again ~_~

I felt a sense of satisfaction when I received this sms all the way from melaka today. Those few days effort and time taken were all worthwhile.

“I enjoyed myself too” I replied and indeed I was 🙂

I was told that each of them brought S$300 over and spent every single cents, half which went to transport and food. They were lucky that they saved a huge sum on accommodations.

Looks like our living style was really high, esp our transport. Bad sign … Anyway if they were to tell me earlier, I would have plan everything better, which include buying of tourist ezlink card which should save more as in our case.

Whatever it is, hope to see them here again. And bet I will plan a much unique ‘tour’ then to the usual popular hangouts 😀


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