Sun With Moon Dining @ Central Mall

Our A380 team received our 2nd prizing amt of $1,000 this afternoon! ^_______^ Extra $$ came at the right time when we were near our mth end … though $108 has been used up in advance on Sat for a pair of Nike shoes =P

This evening I was at Sun with Moon @ Central Mall with the same grp again … cos we had a 15% discount voucher ^___*

something different for a xmas tree

Wafu Ramen (S$10.80) – ST’s order. I din try this so no comments ^^

kamameshi – was told to wait till the sand in the hour glass dropped fully before we could consume.
it was simply very much like our claypot rice =P

Yakiniku Kamameshi (S$14.80) – my order … I’m too hungry to judge but it was yummy I would say ^_^

Salmon Kamameshi (S$14.80) – sharky’s order … salmon seems wasted to eat in this way 😛

I had been going through the menu numberous time searching for the grilled meats dish I took the other time, describing how the dish looked like to the waitress until my friends concluded that I must have taken that from another japanese restaurant which I was very sure NO lor : (

Who knows when our order Ton Toro Yaki came, I was jumping with joy cos that was the dish I referred to. And it was then that I realised that the meat used was actually pork belly and not beef which I mentioned in my earlier post 😛

And of course I ordered back my fav soft shell tempura 😀

Warabi Mochi (S$6.50) – I only like the mocha ice-cream 😛

Tofu Cheese Cake (S$5.00) – if I’m not wrong, this dish was highly recommended in many reviews. Other than the presentation of the cheese cake, I dun really find it very fantastic. Still prefer those chicago cheese cake, esp those from secret recipe … yum yum ^_____^

ST who went to Wheelock’s branch a few times still prefer the serving and food taste here. According to her, the ambiance here was cosier that the other branch which was too noisy (maybe at the pt of time she was there).

Sun With Moon Dining @ Central Mall

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