My 1st Scrapbooking

We haven’t been joi-ed by CL a few times but gave no interest cos most of us were too used to photoshop collaging then physical cut & paste.

As 大妹 and T 2nd wedding anni is near the corner, I think it’s better for me to do some creative crafts for her instead since T is an expert on media technology himself.

And with this, I ‘onz-ed’ CL for the beginner class and was warned that we will be hooked onto it ^___*

The class was held at PS, right inside a DIY crafty shop.

I din know there were so many knowledges to scrapbooking. Thought it was just a simple craft of cutting and pasting work.

We were first given about half an hour of getting to know the nature of the items, the ways of crafting, the tools to use, … Afterwhich we had our first hand on scrapbooking. I was seriously working on the given items but to know later that it was just a DRAFT 😦 (maybe I will use that to do one for astroboy jr’s full mth ^_____*)

After an hour+ of ‘playing’ around, the actual work started!

We were told to choose any 2 plain and 1 designed papers, themed according to our own pix, from their full range of papers in their shop.

I have chosen a rather complicated designed paper which was better to be cutted out for the best effect @_@ … but the outcome was marvellous! (puay paisey! … hehehe …)

nice? =)
I was almost going to paste the astroboy cut-out pix in the middle to represent their bb … hahaha …

she was the instructor of our class

their masterpieces 🙂

The class was dragged till 6.30 or so though it should be a 3.5hrs workshop =P

No regrets attending this workshop … but the only drawback was … they dun sell the frame! How do I frame up my masterpiece then?! 😦

We were told that we could find that in Daiso but no 😦 (should anyone know where to get the 12″ by 12″ wooden frame, pls let me know)

CL’s fren left hm for dinner leaving only the 3 of us not knowing where for dinner. I cun remember who suggested but we ended up at the opp side for fish & co.

alot hor? =P we were too hungry then cos it was 7+ by the time we stepped into the restaurant

Xue who happened to be in a function with our president together with her artistes at the Istana joined us for finger food after that.

And soon we were back to PS for some 内在美 shoppings … great sales that day =P

My 1st Scrapbooking

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