Mass Haircuts

Once again 大妹 wanted me to accompany her to pray pray for smooth delivery. And since 小妹 was off on the same day, 大妹 and I took a day leave and so 3 of us went jalan again 😛

小妹 was rather ‘stressed’ by me cos she had to aim for a good shot, while me gan-jiong-ing beside her 😀

To save all trouble of choosing where to eat, we met at Swensen for lunch before proceeding to 四马路.

dun u find the glasses a bit … out of shape? or do they meant to be like dat? …

our usual orders of baked rice, crayfish spag, and fish & chips

highly recommended by 小妹 though we had tasted better ones than this

My initial agenda was to return back to join YT at my designated neighbourhood salon for a long-awaited haircut after her work. But 小妹 persuaded us to cut at her friends’ new salon near AMK hub since she has planned for her haircut too.

There was still 3 hrs to go before our ‘mass’ haircut’s’, we went to J8 for shopping but ended up only at the Haagen Dazs for their fondue 😛

I was happily ordering this coffee bliss only to know that it was just a promotion slogan or watever u all called it. Chey! I thought I can just act to be enjoying my afternoon tea coffee under this kind of relaxing atmosphere #:-\

小妹 left for HV after the haircut to meet up with another grp of frens. Meanwhile 大妹’s friend who travelled alot between Beijing-Shanghai-Spore lately happened to be back in town and had wanted to meet up with her before she given birth the next time she came back. And so, all of us met for late dinner supper at the S11.

By the time we left AMK, it was 11pm :-O 妈咪 was shocked to know that this preggie 大妹 was out with us till so late ~_~ She was indeed a super active preggie I would say 😛

Mass Haircuts

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