Kampong Ubin Resort Retreat

We were smart enough this time round to send out only 1 ‘invitation’ 😛

—————— Day 1 ——————

As EK had duty on Sat morning, JT and I met up earlier for our brunch at Mc before taking a cab down to fetch EK and headed off to compass pt to meet up with NL. EK had been grumbling hungry since she stepped into the cab all the way down to compass pt. Even the cab driver also laughed at her … ~_~

And being a long ‘westerner’, I seems more familiar with compass pt then those ‘northwesterner’ and ‘northerner’ **骄傲中**

After waiting for about 20 mins at the super ulu mrt taxi stand area for the mcc shuttle bus, and passing by a long stretch of ulu route, we finally arrived at MCC.

The signboard at the pier was rather misleading when we realised it stated pier 5 for ferry to ubin and not pier 3 as was told by the receptionist. But as we were comfortably seated at the drink stall near pier 5, NL who has been doing all the bookings received a call that the ferryman was waiting for the 4 of us at pier 3. Yes! 4 of us … ONLY … to the big ferry! As we were happily ‘playing’ inside the ferry, a couple insisted on boarding cos they missed the previous ferry. The ferryman relunctantly return back to fetch them. There goes our ‘exclusive’ booking :-\

JT and I took the upper level room initially until EK kept on complaining the smell at the ground floor room till we switched room.

While the rest happily settled down with packs of snacks and goodies, NL and I went out for a walk, taking some nice pix and booking for the nite bbq at the only restaurant there.

A tranquil place, plus the sky wasn’t too cloudy, so basically it was only blue, green and brown 🙂

We were quite shocked and ‘abit’ angry when we were told we weren’t able to bbq cos the whole bbq pit area was booked last min by a grp of cc members with their minister. After letting know our main purpose to be here, they arranged another area which was just at the side of the restaurant rather that the bbq pit area right beside the swimming pool near our room. Ok nevermind, ‘no-prawn-fish-oso-can’ nice attitude of us agreed to that.

As the bbq was 1hr+ later, I went out to take some sunset scene. While happily doing so, a black dog came near me and started licking my leg and hand, mistakenly thought I’m playing with it @_@.

After ‘hiding’ back into the room, we came out again to take more sunset scene before heading off to our bbq pit.

guess who were they? ^__*

The light was very dim at our bbq area as the nite came, so much so that we weren’t able to see if our food was cooked, though most of the time I was the QC gal for the nite, checking under the only pathetic lighted light near us. And that explained why our food looked so ‘chao-dar’ … hehehe … Anyway, we couldn’t finished up the food. The chicken wings were tough, fried rice was bland, fish was too fishy, other than that the rest still edible. We even ‘smuggled’ and bbq-ed our own sweet potatos 😛 Yummy!

the nite was exceptionally nice too, with bright round moon hanging high up the sky reflecting on the man-made lake

—————— Day 2 ——————

Soon it was time to set off back to mainland. We were supposed to be taking the 11.15am ferry but was forced to board this public-unconsciously-turned-into-the-grp-of-cc-members’ ferry. Some petty ppl treated us as if we had intruded into their territory … saying thing like ‘should anything happened to us doesn’t concern them’ or wat. Rubbish! Even when we were queuing to embark, someone said to someone in a loud voice that there was a laptop inside the luggage … where we were standing near at. Anyway we totally ignore them and even offered our helping hand to the auntie who was carrying that pulled luggage. Well … we were well-brought-up ‘kids’ ^__*

We ended our day after lunching at compass pt.

So when’s our next bbq outing? ^__________^

Kampong Ubin Resort Retreat

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