Now You See … Now You Don’t!

So even our popular is getting concerned with the diminishing buildings of Singapore.

Quote from

Dear Friends

At, we are currently compiling past images of Singapore buildings and scenery. We hope to build a strong collection of Singapore Historical images to help in preserving our heritage and remembering Singapore’s past. This is especially important in today’s context as more and more buildings are torn down to make way for newer ones.

If you do have old images of Singapore e.g pictures of old buildings, old houses or scenery, we would love to have them published on for sharing among the community.

With your support, we hope that eventually when users search for e.g IBM Towers, we will be able to show both existing images of IBM Towers, and past images of how the building used to look.

There are various ways that we can collaborate in this project. You can either loan, donate or sell the images to us (depending on the quality of the image). So please start digging into your old albums, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Now You See … Now You Don’t!

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