Sentimental Sammi Nite

Hmm let me see … when did I last went for a concert? …

Oh, it was near 10yrs ago when I went to watch the 1st concert of my life, 雪。狼。湖 :-O So 10yrs later I’m back here for Sammi Show Mi Concert : ) However I dun seems to excited until I stepped into the Indoor Stadium, cos maybe the only person I know going along is CL.

4 of us went for a dinner at No Signboard at Oasis, which I heard will be demolished by end of this year … to make way for circle line? Quite a pity cos they had a good Spore river scenery. With the demolishment, there will be lesser choice of dining places before attending a concert at the Indoor Stadium located just nearby.

It was my 1st dining at No Signboard which 1st thought of it was their CRABS ^_____^ (I has been craving for that for quite some times … not that I cun buy and eat them on my own, but it’s more fun to eat with a group of crab lovers at appropriate places)

drunken prawns

sambal kangkong (a common dish ordered by almost every table)

claypot sea cucumber

mixed tou fu

These dishes were equally nice but the big plate of chili crabs and crayfishes ordered by our neighbour table looked more tempting 😛 They were seen taking pix every now and then … same ‘pattern’ ppl huh ^_____*

wow!!! (getting excited as I stepped into the stadium ^___^)

a plain stage

Our seatings weren’t that good since we only bought the $118 tix. I felt kinda of weird sitting sideway watching the concert with strangers sitting sideway so near me … behind (when one supposed to be sitting beside u sitting in a tilted position, that position has changed to ‘behind’ @_@) … the kinda of being watched feeling made my movements rather constrained … though I can hack care them … but … Anyway after the 2.5hrs, my neck become stiffed 😛

commotion!!! … cos sammi going around shaking hands near the stage …

reluctant to leave … cos hoping for encore …

My conclusion for this concert … great! I enjoyed the fun-ness of Sammi which was rarely seen on tv or other appearances. The thing she said, the jokes she cracked … a rather sentimental side of Sammi.

Most importantly, the cantonese spoken. Well, I do read some blogs or other sources mentioned that it would be better if she could sing or speak in mandarin instead. My own opinion IS, since they are Hong Kong singers and since it was a concert, those kind of constraints from a live or recorded telecast in Spore medias shouldn’t fall on this kind of event. I feel the kinda 亲切-ness for these artistes to speak in their native languages. I believed it goes the same for the movie 881.

P/S: I’m mixed cantonese/hainanese blood … that’s why 😛

Sentimental Sammi Nite

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