Gone with the wind

Have you ever bought the famous ikan satay (satay fish) from msia? I used to buy them in packs when returning from my frequent school vacation trips to malacca. But I had stopped doing so for the past … hmm … 10 yrs? Reasoning being very obvious for those who bought them as frequently as I do (then). The tibits HAD gone down-sized TREMEDOUSLY!

This is one of the most pathetic packs which my colleague ‘innocently’ bought back recently.

I happened to find a small weighing scale for mail use, and I decided to find out whether it was the same weigh as stated on the package. Really pathetic I would say 😦

Not only did those ikan satays gone down-sized, the used-to-be/supposed-to-be crispiness has gone too.

Have you ever noticed that you oftenly heard ppl saying “it taste better in the past”, “it’s not the same as before” … and so on?

I have been wondering … was it because we get to taste more or expose more nowsaday? Or simply was it the ‘heartlessness’ of the businessmen who were only looking at profits more than qualities?

Gone were the qualities of the past … when everything is much simplier.

I think I had been thinking too much recently 😛 … maybe too bored. But nvm, there will be a sammi’s concert and a dinner at No Signboard waiting for me this sat “P Time for me to release the unknown tension : )

Gone with the wind

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