Gordon Grill @ Goodwood Park

Scary and embarrassing I would use for this nite’s dinner @ Gordon Grill located in Goodwood Park =^_^=

And I supposed it didn’t occurred to the person who suggested the place. BTW, until now I still do not know who suggested this place 😛 Everyone thought it was me cos I’m a four-directional-eater ~_~ (according to ‘雷门’) … plus I was the one who booked the place.

Me: I would like to reserve a table for 13 pax on 4/10, 7pm.
The other line: Yes mdm. (very slang English)
Me: May I ask for the menu to be fax over?
The other line: Sorry mdm, we do not practise this.
Me: Ok nevermind. So roughly how much is per pax spending? (I was afraid we might exceed more than S$100 per pax :P)
The other line: That depends on the food you ordering, mdm. (**sweating** =.=)
Me: Hmm… so is there any private room for reservation?
The other line: Yes there is, but with a minimum spending of S$1K. (**more sweat**)
Me: So do you think we are able to spend to that amt for a table of 13 pax? (since I have no idea wat the menu and pricings were like …)
The other line: That depends on the food you ordering, mdm. (**sweating turned hot** #:-\)
Me: Ok nevermind. I will just stick to the normal seating table. Thanks. (#$%@$^%)
I started complaining to the rest … … …

Shocks started appearing on everyone’s face when we stepped into this high class restaurant. The ambiance should be good but was kind of stress to us … luckily the dim-ness hided our facial expressions … hehehe …

But more shocks came in when we opened up the menu … which looked alien to us. Super cheam menu which took us half an hour to finger out how to order 😛 (it was a funnie sight as we looked at each other with bewildered looks … hahaha) … and wat to eat even after the high class waiter patiently explained how we should go about ordering and wat food for recommendations.

He even suggested us getting the Foie Gras which seems like none know wat it was. Though I know it was duck or goose liver, but just in case I embarrassed myself, it’s wiser to keep quiet 😛 Anyway this dish is too high class for me to appreciate … hehehe …

After the green light from boss’ aftershock-ed signal to place ANY order, we still couldn’t decide 😛

And when someone finally placed the order, the rest started asking wat had been ordered, and like ‘copycat-ing’, started placing their orders too. A funnie relieved looks around after all orders were placed.

And all these while, this high class waiter had been patiently waiting by our table for our orders. Good service! ^_*

The problem with going for such dept dinner with some …, there was hardly anything ‘personal’ that one could talk about. Every chat was like social chats 😛

Luckily the silent was broken by the same high class waiter who pushed out the meat trolley, asking the person who ordered Wagyu Beef which goes by … S$4.50 per 10g? and which minimum order of weight was 2kg :-O And he literally cutted the pc up and weight it infront of us :-O :-O

the light was too dim for me to take a proper and sharper pix of the process, plus I was seating in the middle of the long table and so …

After waiting for another 10mins, our dinner finally started when all our appetisers started serving in. It was almost 8pm then.

complimentary starter … I like the soury taste

The Soup Trio (S$18 I think) was nicely presented in three little cups, each with its own teaspoon. Scotch Broth, Mushroom soup and Lobster Bisque. Most of us only managed to finish up the scotch broth cos the other 2 weren’t to our likings. Mushroom soup was still fine for me but not the lobster bisque cos it taste like … aay … medicine 😛 (sorry =^_^=)

And guess wat?! The main course only served in 30mins later @_@. We were kinda of full after the appetisers and the hunger was kinda subsided after the loooooong wait ~_~

cun remember wat set was this, but the beef was nice and juicy, with nice serving portion 🙂

Maybe this wat English fine dining style was, but beening a HDB gal who frequent hawker centres, kopitiams, civilian-pricing (u know wat I meant 🙂 ) restaurants, blah blah blah … this was kind of TOO high class for me.

Soon the next on the agenda for such dept dinner started. Speech by YT. She was so nervously funnie that I cun help beening nervous with her too, which resulted in slight headache after that @_@

While ‘filming’ this fear factor of hers, our dessert orders came in. Sourly sweet for my strawberry ice-cream … refreshing! Their chocolate ice-cream came with strong coco taste too. Simply yummy : )

my strawberry ice-cream / YT with her chocolate ice-cream (a relieved look after the speech :D)

yummy chocolates ^____^

ok, we ended up with 12 pax only cos SC last min couldn’t make it

It was 10pm by the time we left the restaurant … spent S$1562.45 on this dinner :-O

Question : Will I step in here again?
Answer : I dun mind coming again if I’m treated 😛 cos I have had my ‘class’ on fine dining at Gordon Grill (only hor!)

Gordon Grill @ Goodwood Park

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