Another Lazy Afternoon @ Bugis

It’s time to go down to Si Ma Lu for praying again, and since I had been the one accompanying her for the past few trips, there’s no reason to reject her request though I had very much wanted to save my leave for future use 😛

Before setting off to the temple, we met up for lunch at V8. Lunching at such shopping mall without thinking of rushing back to think office is ever so relaxing.

Grilled Salmon Fillet (S$11.80) for me and Fish n Chips Set Meal (S$8.80) for her

spiral staircase structures at the back lane of the Bugis Village … I like : )

It wasn’t long, think less than 2 hours, before that we stepped into another cafe 😛

The gourmet level had revamped to a much nicer and more varieties place. The previous occupant, Hoshigaoka has replaced by Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I was basically attracted by the name of the cafe, which should be rightfully spelt as Mong Kok Cafe instead. But they might just want to be outstanding and attract attention like us ^_*

After stepping in to the cafe, I dun feel any ‘cheapo copycat’ with it at all. But was rather attracted by their interior and menu. The overall setting was nice and cosy, which probably also because of the hour we arrived. So much so that we were started taking some leisure pix of ourselves ^_^

Cold Hong Kong Yuan Yang Tea (S$2.20) / Hot Stocking Milk Tea (S$2.20)

French Toast (S$2.80)
the butter was rather pathetic, but the taste was just nice though with the smooth peanut butter fillings combination

Fried Nissin Noodle with Pork (S$6.90)
this dish was rather oily … but she finished up everything 😛 A bit saltish for me.

we were so coincidently wearing matching tops 😛

And soon we were shopping for T’s bd tee at the astroboy retail shop below. We were supposed to buy a tee each only when she spotted a similar tee of a super small size … for 小 T … which had to wait till 2 yrs later before he can actually wear :-O

Another Lazy Afternoon @ Bugis

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