Sushi Tei @ HV

In order for the convenience of the gals who will be bringing our ordered clothings all the way down to JT and me, we suggested having a dinner at HV 😛

Normal routines of emails were sent to all gals/guys. Only MsC, SL, AG, PL, JT, me and … ta lang! WY joined us too! ^_^

After some suggestions, we finally ended up at Sushi Tei. The restaurant wasn’t very big and so there wasn’t any suitable table for us around the conveyor-belt. But the upper level seatings were cosy enough for us, though the big and weighted menu was simply taking up most of our space.

warning!!!! dun be frighten by wat u going to see below 😛

that’s how much a grp of 7 gals had ate for the nite … and some of the above were with double orders too 😛

The dinner once again ended with nice and fun chats, with satisfing meal and HUGE BILL :-O

Sushi Tei @ HV

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