Day 3 – 22 Jul (Last Day … Returning back)

As usual, I was too lazy to wake up as early to join the rest for the sunrising view. Almost half of our group joined this round. And after gaining the experience from the previous morning, SK borrowed a large torch from ‘Alex’ the nite before for shining up the path in order to reach to the other side of the beach for the best view. But the sky was still as cloudy and blocked the sun away 😦

Anyway they managed to catch the chance of watching the releasing of the little turtles back to the sea. Understood from them that the manager told them that due to lack of fund for raring them, they had no choice but to release them though their survival rates were low 😦

Soon it was our last breakfast of this trip … nasi lemak ‘buffet’. I couldn’t take much cos I was scare of ‘merlion-ing’ during the ride back to the mainland.

We decided to take some group pix together with ‘Alex’. As ‘Alex’ had to lead the other group for their snorkelling trip, he relunctantly bidded us farewell. St had provided his namecard to him, so hopefully we will meet again in Spore when he is back for ‘hibernating’ 😛

After packing up our stuffs and returning the keys to the PIC, we finally bidded farewell to Juara Beach.

The speedboat, without the guarding from ‘Alex’, alighted us at Tekek instead of Salang. We would have better seats on the ferry if we were to set off from Salang instead, though we were still able to do some sourvenirs shopping at Tekek village. But due to the poor organising of the ferry management, some of us couldn’t get a seat though we had actually PAID for it, while some managed to squeeze into any available empty seats. The journey back took much longer than it was supposed to.

As our driver had not arrived at the mersing jetty to pick us up, we went straight for more souvenirs shopping nearby. And … we really bought a lot … especially ML … cos she bought for ALL her family members and relatives back in Spore, while KF bought for ALL her closed colleagues 😛

As soon as the driver arrived, SeT suggested dinner at an eating place where one can find lots of local products. After driving for quite some times (which shouldn’t), the driver (said) missed the turn to that eating place, and since we were rather hungry then, we obliged to his suggestion to another eating place just ahead. But we were wondering if it was done on purpose cos he actually planning to buy his 4D which will be too late to place any bets when we finally reached Spore at 7pm+.

these muslim dishes could taste better … only the bbq sambal stingray was nice … the rest mah …

Other than this unpleasant ‘incident’, we simply had fun along the journey … making fun of someone … heheheee ^_* (to be sensored … if not 朋友都没得做 :P)

The traffic at the custom was suprising smooth considering it being a Sunday evening. After dropping some of us at the Kranji MRT station, we ‘officially’ ended our 3D2N weekend trip.

A very fruitful trip I would say. Jungle trekking for the 1st time, snorkelling in the sea for the 1st time, 1st time of encountering good food in a resort, last but not least, met a group of wonderful and fun companions ^_* Hopefully we will have more trips together … but no jungle trekking pls … once bitten twice shy 😛

Day 3 – 22 Jul (Last Day … Returning back)

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