Dinner @ Miss Clarity Cafe

I was actually very down these few days and so being ‘rebellious’, I asked NL and CL out for a dinner and also to buy some cute cute stuffs for cheering purpose (excuses “P).

The dinner came as an ‘excitement’ to me when CL suggested Miss Clarity Cafe and forwarded me the link to their colourful website : )


Heard from CL and NL that this cafe has been around for a year or 2. And it wasn’t as ‘tranquilising’ as before after much publicity done by food searchers tv programmes and popular online food reports.

We were lucky to get a table after waiting for only few mins.

was told that there was always a long queue outside the cafe

The cafe was as colourful as their website, with colourful menu, colourful namecards, colourful walls, colourful door deco, colourful cups, … The only thing bad about this place was it was simply too dim … though there was a floating candle at every table. CL said it was brighter when first started.


colourful menu … i like the girl illustration

heard their pastries and cakes are nice too

the interviewed articles

cute illustrations on the wall … we were too near to take a bigger view of it

add $3.00 for choice of below as a set meal
Soup / Salad + Barley / Lime / Kopi / Teh + Dessert of the day

Glutton’s Platter ($12)
assortment of spicy wings, chicken nuggets, onion rings, crispy wedges & chipolatas
– ok one word … YUMMY! 😛

Chicken Cordon Bleu ($8.80)
deep fried breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham & cheese, served with spicy alioli sauce
– basically I dun like breast meat cos it’s too dry. CL said it tasted better before.

Chicken Ballotine ($8.80)
oven-baked chicken thigh stuffed with fresh shitake mushroom, drenched with mushroom sauce
– very chewy thigh meat. combinations were great!

Black Pepper Crispy Chicken ($7.50)
breaded chicken thigh, cooked till golden brown & drenched with clarity’s special black pepper sauce.
– wah! I like my order and the combinations were just as great. very juicy. the only ‘turn off’ were the vege.

the desserts that came after our main course. just some normal strawberry milky ice-cream : )

Yummy and economical pricings. Comparable to Han’s. Servings were much much bigger.

After our fulfiling dinner, we headed back to Parco Bugis. I was told by CL that my fav illustrator, Jimmy, had released some wallets and purses based on his famous series of illustrations, and they were now selling at BHG (ex-Seiyu). And with much enthu, we headed straight for them.

I was supposed to be the one aiming for a wallet, but ended up with NL purchasing the famous 向左走向右走 illustration-convert-movie wallet at the price of $99 😮 I still in a dilema whether to purchase the 遗失了一只猫 wallet cos I like maple leaves 😀

Like wat NL said in her blog, how can a dinner ended without a dessert?! “P And so we ended up at Uzumaki for their ice-cream. But I think I still prefer Azabo’s hokkaido ice cream : )


Ok! I’m very much cheer-ed up liao 😛 Satisfying meal with some good friends. Though I neither buy any cute cute stuffs nor jimmy’s wallet, but I got this book from Kino! : ) Last 2 left on the shelf and so couldn’t wait till member’s exclusive promotion, I grabbed this for member’s discount at $40.50. Abit high on the pricing but I like this kind of book … so worth it lah ^_*

Dinner @ Miss Clarity Cafe

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