Memory Lane @ Dempsey Hill

2007083015sCoincidentally while writing on the Dempsey post, this group of friends suggested for a meet up cos it has been mths since we last met. And of course Dempsey Hill was my choice of venue and everyone agreed to that cos they missed the place too : )

When the day finally came, only 3 of us managed to fork out the time for the dinner. As Dempsey is rather inaccessible and far to those working in the eastern area, we arranged to meet at the ICA building carpark and drove down directly.

As our car drove through Minden road, we were already reminiscing. The place had been very much developed indeed.

As the sky was still bright, after parking near Blk 9, we decided to stroll around the area before choosing a restaurant for our dinner. I took this opportunity to take pix on every angles of this memory lane.


closer look @ blk 11

blk 9 which was converted to an art gallery kinda place
I remembered the toilet at this blk was located at the front ‘yard’ (not sure if it was the right word to use)  instead
I believed it must had been once the spacous bathrooms for soldiers usage

blk 10 … where we ended up for dinner

It was a funny sight when we started acting like an old folk reminiscing along the way cos the area changed tremendously over the 10 yrs.

After our ‘tour’, we started checking out on some restaurants around. As it started to drizzle, we decided to settle in at the Rakuichi @ Blk 10 due to their reasonable pricings even though it was at such ‘high-end’ location : )


The sky had darken by the time we stepped out from the restaurant. We proceeded to walk down to P.S. Cafe, the once open-aired food centre converted to air-conditioned cafe, we realised that there wasn’t any streetlights at all along the way, which can be quite dangerous as the frequency of the traffic was rather high. Moreover the surroundings area were full of bushes. It is definately not the kind of places to go (esp. alone) at nite if one wasn’t driving.

advice : if u are taking their cakes as well, u will be given this area where we were. but try not to go in pair, cos they will place both of u at a table in a weird position as shown in the middle pix where the pair was seated side by side instead. there wasn’t any chair infront of them. best will be the one where we were given … it’s beside their glass wall : )

As mentioned earlier, the P.S. Cafe was once an open-aired food centre. The place where the kitchen and the door facing the dessert counter are now was once a long marble-tiled counter, where auntie Helen (that’s wat we called her) occupied the stall on the left selling her yummy bak chor mee and prawn noodle … I missed those : (

The stall on the right was occupied by the owner of the food centre themselves selling drinks and ta-bao-ed nasi lemak, econ bee hoon, and chicken rice. Whenever we had any big meeting, we would always call them for delivery of drinks. But when the cafeteria at now Blk opened then, we had another choice of drinks order. We would frequently occasionally ordered our teabreak stuffs from there too 😛2007083031s

Ok back to the P.S. Cafe, we ordered 2 cakes for sharing. Very yummy … esp the brownie … woo … I was actually trying to take pix with my camera for nite shot, ST was joking telling the waiter that I’m taking pix with the desserts and drinks, but the waiter joining the fun literally helped to placed all of them infront of me so that they could appear in my pix @_@


the path around this spot was extremely dark if not for the headlights from oncoming cars

see how dark the area can be

After reminiscing the whole nite, we finally parted Dempsey Hill around … as the path out was dark and inconvenient, ST drove me out and dropped me directly at the bus stop.

BTW, it was until today that I came to know that the big carpark is actually known as Holland Road fringe car park. All along I thought it was a ‘coach’ park where the durian stall was there for many years. I have yet to try theirs. Maybe one of these days …

Something to add on … there used to be an unoccupied white/black house on the other side of the same slope to the main road. And think mediacorp must have came to know that it will be demolish anyway and so they did a filming there on a telemovie which based on SCDF (cun remember the title of the show). They literally burned this house down in one of their scenes. I remembered I saw Huang Shi Nan at the filming spot : )

Memory Lane @ Dempsey Hill

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