Am Honoured!

20070817sI felt very honoured! Many ppl approaches me when they need a listener and adviser. I suddenly feel like a counselor … counselling ppl on all sort of matter but generally on work and relationship.

It’s not that I’m very experience, but for someone who had been thru a ‘tough’ 10 years period, be it work or relationship (not love hor … relationship doesn’t only stop at that), I had managed to come out of those situations and so was able to understand them better.

Stupidly during those years, I had ever wondered how it feel like to step out of the road when a car is approaching (which not only once). But now thinking back, I feel real STUPID. I would have hurt my beloved ones very dearly. **eyes abit wet even when typing this**

Anyway, I had learned to look at a brighter side of things, though there are oso downtime sometimes, but I had ‘brainwashed’ myself that nothing can be worse than those days. “Since I can ‘overcome’ that, why can’t now?” I would think.

Whatever it is, you can chat with me ‘anytime’. Just remember to buy me a drink … or better still give me a BIG treat “P Likewise for myself, will you be a good listener if I need one … huh? :-\

** It’s our neighbour’s National Day tomorrow. May your country be properous and free reduce of crimes … **

Am Honoured!

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