Birthday Treat @ Din Tai Fung


We were gathering here for 小妹 and bf’s birthday. But this couple was actually late for almost an hour. Anyway it was their treat and so we went ahead to place orders first. We were already full by the time they FINALLY arrived 😛


We went to the BB Fair @ Taka right after our teabreak lunch … it was near 3pm then @_@


2007082645sAfter hanging around there for near an hour, we were ‘tired’ liao and so went to Central Cafe for some drinks, desserts and french toast 😛 (we like to eat ya ^_*)

Their service was rather unsatisfied today though I was here the 3rd or 4th time. They were simply forgetful, somemore the orders were taken by their … “manager” I supposed cos she was the only one in different uniform. We placed altogether 3 separated orders and yet I still have to ask for my 姜汁焞奶 at our 3rd order. BAD BAD … But still I will be there for their nice food though … just had to remind them lor (**sigh**)

We went up to the maternity apparels dept to accompany 大妹 but soon T and I were disappeared among the toys 😛

got myself these which I ‘aimed’ for quite some times ^_*

大妹 and T left for the day after their purchase while the rest went ahead to Heeren, pasar malam @ Clementi, before we finally 打道回府. It was almost 8pm then :-O


Birthday Treat @ Din Tai Fung

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