Xris’ BD Dinner @ CPK

2007082301sWhen 大妹 asked me how was the dinner, I simply replied “Wah! Exciting!”

Yes! It was an ‘exciting’ nite indeed 😛

As CL’s bd fell on the coming sun, 3 of us arranged to meet up earlier to purchase the gifts from Taka.

While searching for suitable gifts at the toy section, NL and AY grabbed a handful of plush toys which were selling at $3 ($3.90?) each instead. **faint**

Soon after we paid for the items, we went down to purchase the ‘eye-ed’ PM’s stuffs … and an ‘extra’ gift.

After all the gifts were nicely wrapped, we met up with CL who was waiting at the Zara @ Liat Tower. We roamed around the boutique while waiting for N and her friend.

2007082303sAs the hour+ of walking made my legs rather tired, plus I was super ‘urgent’, NL and me left for the pre-planned California Pizza Kitchen at Forum while the rest continued their shopping at Zara 😀

As soon as NL and me stepped out from zara, a very strong wind blew by, followed by drizzle. With that we called them immediately to be fast with their purchase and leave before the pour.

人算不如天算, the moment NL and me stepped into the restaurant, the drizzle got bigger and it started to rain, which ended up as a heavy downpour.

It was cold in the restaurant then and so I suggested getting some drinks first while waiting for the rest who were trapped at Zara.


We have been waiting for half an hour and had ordered a starter but the rain didn’t seems to get smaller.

Tortilla Spring Rolls ($10.90)
Thai Chicken … served with a Thai peanut sauce
Mediterranean … served with sun-dried tomato marinara
– think I prefered the thai chicken roll one

Those 4 who were still trapped at Zara requested if we could bring brolly to them cos none of them had it with them. But we realised it wouldn’t help much relying only on the one I have, ‘thick skinned’ us approached the one of waiters if he could gather some brollies from his colleagues for temp usage. We were rather disappointed that he couldn’t find any (I actually dun believe that there was not a single brolly in their restaurant, maybe they afraid that we would not return to them which we would of course! So DO remember to bring your own brolly if you ever dine in CPK … nope! I’m not angry :P).

As there was no Giordano at the forum, I suggested buying some from Guardian or Watson. Just as NL stepped out from the restaurant, they called and say they decided to run to the restaurant instead. And so by the time they arrived was 9pm already, which means this heavy downpour had been pouring 45mins and it was still as heavy outside then. And during that 45mins, NL and I had called out to different waiters and waitresses few times for their services “P

Peking Duck Pizza ($19.90)
– sauce a bit salty … somehow it wasn’t as nice as wat I ate years ago

Mango Tandori Pizza ($17.90)
– something like hawaiian pizza where the fruit and the crispiness of the pizza combination made it very refreshing and crunching

Chipotle Chicken Pizza ($17.90)
– not bad

California Shrimp Rolls ($10.90)
– this is nice … very crunching too

Sesame Dumplings ($11.90)
– our hawker wantons taste nicer 😛

Tortilla Spring Rolls ($15.90)
Thai Chicken … served with a Thai peanut sauce
Mediterranean … served with sun-dried tomato marinara
Baja Chicken … served with guacamole
– think I prefered the thai chicken roll one and the sun-dried tomato marinara sauce

After gulping down all the food, we started singing birthday song aloud in the restaurant (ya paisey leh =^_^= so I sung very soft … AY was the loudest :D), followed by our gifts presentation to CL … starting with the ‘EXTRA’ gift “P (secret behind this ladle thingy … shhh … :P)


It was near 11pm by the time we left the restaurant. Quite an ‘exciting’ nite yo! ^_*

Xris’ BD Dinner @ CPK

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