Fireworks Celebrations @ Marina Bay Floating Gallery

20070818002sMy company’s rc subsidised partially for member for the ticket to the Fireworks Carnival at Marina Platform this year. Upon knowing that, I joi-ed some of the gals for the occasion and got ourselves 6 tickets : )

We arranged to meet up at Central Mall for early dinner before we walk all the way to the marina since it will be too packed at all the restaurants around City Hall region.

We were supposed to meet at 4.30pm, and realising I would be late if I were to take bus there, I flagged a cab and reached there 4pm+. Who knows, one by one sms-ed me to inform me that they would be late! Oh! @_@ So having no choice, I roamed around the mall and ended up at my fav toilet … hahaha …

As I came out from the toilet, I saw JT whom I assumed she will be late too cos I assumed she and AG was together, and AG who was meeting up with PL sms-ed me she will be late … messy … anyway it was all miscommunications (which was quite common among us … hehehe …).

Soon the rest seeming to be baga-ed arrived at the same time (hmm …)

Anyway we ended up at Waraku (again) since it seems to be a better choice around there (in term of “价廉物美”).

We got a nicer view table this time round, but because we need a table of 6, they wasn’t able to give us the window seats which only allowed 4 pax.


Ika Maruyaki ($9.80)
– hmm … if u are a ‘sotong’ fanatic, u may like this … I dun reject this though 😛

Zaru ($8.80)
– me and my soba :P. since I had cha soba then, this time round I try zaru … I like 🙂

Rindo ($14.80)
– a big set for share of 2

R. Katsu Curry Don ($12.80)
– a bigger serving size of wat was ordered previously

Iidako ($4.80)
– another order by a ‘sotong’ fanatic 😛

and also orders on crab tempura, okonomi yaki and tonkatsu set … no pix for these cos already appeared in the previous post …

20070818020sAfter our early meal, we went down to the japanese supermarket at B1 to grab some tibits. ‘Toured’ around the basement before taking the hokkaido ice cream from Azabo Sabo (again). I loved the ice cream from here.

As it was almost 7pm and were told to be seated by 8.30pm, we started walking towards the marina bay passing by riverwalk and padang before reaching to the entrance of the undergound tunnel leding to Esplanade where the crowd began.

Though there were fenced up path for tickets holders, the route towards the entrance of the floating platform was still very packed. It took us almost half an hour to reach there. And by the time we were there was 8.05pm already.


There was some stage games before the start of the whole performance at 9pm. Afterwhich the 1st performance started by SB-42 team which lasted about 10-15mins.

very difficult to capture these automobile flying kites

Soon the climate performance came … the nightly fireworks display! Yeh! (^^)


As we predicted that there will be too many people rushing to leave the platform, we remained at our seats for about half an hour and left when the crowd became lesser.


Reluntantly to leave early for the nite, we headed off (walk again one hor :P) to Liang Seah St for our supper, though my hunger that started from the long walk to the platform had actually subsided as the nite goes “P

Almost all the restaurants and cafes at that street was fully packed, and so without any choice given, we settled down at Causeway Bay Cafe (which CL said bad service and so so food only).


Deep Fried Wings ($5.50)
– normal lor … crispy though

Honey Aloe Vera ($3.50)
HK Ice Milk Tea ($2.50)
Pure Honey Lemon ($3.00)
Coca Cola ($2.50)

(whooo?! … count sort of 1 drink leh :P)

Bo Lo Bun With Butter ($2.00)
– nothing special leh 😛

French Toast Butter & Floss ($4.50)
– not bad

Pipa Tofu ($8.00)
– din taste like tofu at all …

20070818104sBascially I wasn’t really concentrating with the food (the above) I ate, but was rather engrossed on the movie starring Andy Lau showing on the plasma tv facing directly towards my direction 😛

As midnite was getting nearer, we decided to call the day off. NL and PL left on their bus while the rest who were not in time to take the last train home went towards Bugis office tower for cabs but waited in vain for one. Just as we walked over on site of the Parkview Square, JT and I were lucky to grab a cab while CL and EK waited a while for theirs. It had past midnight then @_@

Fireworks Celebrations @ Marina Bay Floating Gallery

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