Waraku @ Central

Is this considered pre-plan or … anyway we ‘made-up our mind’ for this meet up quite last min.

EK was supposed to buy her air-tix to BKK from an ‘appointed’ agency at People’s Park Centre. Being a nice fren (actually I need her to bring over the bulky bags of ordered bags **hehe**), I ‘volunteered’ to accompany her and led her the way there (gosh! she dun even know where is People’s Park Centre and so not to say that agency **faint**).

2007081001sAnyway EK and me, together with AY and CL met up in the end. CL was rather late due to her weekly closed up reports. We went ahead to Central after checking out and comparing rates at various agencies at PP Centre before returning to the ‘appointed’ agency for her air-tix.

Central was much livelier than the previous time I was there. The shops were basically fully opened except for some f&b shops at the food atrium.

As there were long queues at many of the restaurants, we choosed Waraku because of it varieties and reasonable pricings … and simply because we were ‘dieing of hunger’ cos it almost 8pm then.

After waiting for around 10mins, our number was called. Yeh!!! **sorry…too hungry**

We couldn’t wait for CL to arrive and went ahead with our orders, setting aside 1 pc each from each side dish for CL “P

Agedashi Tofu ($6.80) / Okonomi Yaki ($8.80)
– was shocked to see such big bowl just for 4 tofu cubes … very “zor dang” … occupied one quarter of a table
– the okonomi yaki was good … we even add one more order of these despite our full stomachs “P

Crab Tempura ($6.80) / Tonkatsu Set ($15.50)
– crab was good too 🙂
– tonkatsu set’s serving was very big … occupied half of the table … the tonkatsu is juicy ^_^

Chijimi ($6.80) / Cha Soba ($9.80)
– the only dish that cannot make it … dun ever order this if possible … weird taste … especially the sauce
– I like soba since this place … big serving too … whao whao

Anyway luckily we did not wait for her to arrive cos she arrived only near an hour later @_@ (hard work fren! **pat pat**)

S. Katsu Curry Don ($10.80)
– CL’s order … pearl rice are simply delicious ^_^


BTW I was so excited when I saw these on the showcase that I couldn’t help but took a few shots on these that we had ordered. Dun they look so REAL?


couldn’t find the one I ordered, but just make do with this 😛

CL told us of an interesting supermarket at B1 which sold japanese goodies, but by the time we went there it was closed for the day 😦

As usual, EK wanted to ‘escape’ but were ‘pulled back’ by us. We ‘tricked’ her to eat the hokkaido ice-cream from Azabo Sabo. Nice one yo! ^_*


We were standing infront of the store, facing the Clarke Quay, enjoying our desserts before EK grumbled of leaving again after 1 hr later. (**ok ok**)

It was supposed to be just a wash and go … but the amazing thing about us was … even the toilet wasn’t spared from us from taking shots. Well it was almost 11pm and there was no one else there “P


Just as AY and me stepped into a cab, a ‘big’ fireworks appeared above the sky of Clarke Quay. A pretty one which last for a min+ or so. Both of us quickly called to CL (who was with EK then) to ‘complain’ … “See! Who grumbled and wanted to leave earlier!”

Waraku @ Central

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