Gathering @ Hanabi n Island Creamery

I was rather surprised that the ‘pigeon hole’ actually initialised this email and already make the booking for 10 pax beforehand. Thought she going to announce her wedding … hahaha …


First time to Hanabi at King’s Arcade. The S$30++ ala carte buffet wasn’t as nice as we thought so cos food so so only. But was surprised to see the producer for the Superstar projects and also one of the judges, Xu Huan Liang.




Best part of the nite was our dessert after meal. Instead of having that at the restaurant, CK suggested the ice cream cafe down the road.

Excellent choice man! A very local taste ice cream flavours which has been featured in the treasure hunt programme on Ch 8 Code Red 爱上小红点. (I only realised that after seated there for 15mins when the teh tarik ice cream arrived 😛 … no wonder the place looked so familiar :D)


Big yet cosy Island Creamery cafe was a haven, ideally located away from the noise and bustle of the city.

taste mud pie and mini baked alaska in a rush so dun remember how they actually tasted like 😛

hmm … let me recall … top is the Pulut Hitam, bottom left is the nutella, bottom right confirmed teh tarik (my fav)

top is the Pulut Hitam (again), bottom left is strawberry and right one is jackfruit

left bowl – coffee and strawberry sorbet
right bowl – teh tarik (again) and chocolate

they actually provide a photo printer to print out pix from memory sticks but it had ran out of paper 😦

ta-bao-ed this back home … because it contains alcohol content, it cost S$11 while the rest cost S$8.
but there’s no sake taste leh … however the pear sorbet was very refreshing ^_^

No regrets returning here again ^_*

Gathering @ Hanabi n Island Creamery

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