Taka Toy Fair

200708027sA planned trip to Taka toy fair after few of us eye-ed on the cutie ‘pls-buy-me’-looked pooh bear ^_^

CL, PL, AG and I met up instead. While waiting for the rest, I had already grabbed 2 books from Kino.

It was almost 7pm+ when CL arrived. Not knowing where to go for dinner, CL suggested 北角, afterwhich upon arrival that we realised we had been here before … just a year ago :-O

We were too hungry to take pix … only took this ‘unsightly’ but delicious dish 😛

200708026sWe went straight to the toy fair after our dinner. After going through the whole of the fair, I only grabbed 2 mini nintendo games. I did not buy any pooh bear cos those on the wagon do not have the ‘pls-buy-me’ look 😦 … were quite disappointed though. CL said there were too many choices of the pooh, that’s why.

Anyway, 不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有. (自我安慰一下)

Taka Toy Fair

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