First time: In-Line Skating @ EC

2007080101sAn unexpected invitation to in-line skating at East Coast after we 3 (SK, YT, and I) had planned to spend the half day off, given due to company anniversary day, either cycling at East Coast or just to Page One at Vivo if it rains then.

The guys were worried SK will be alone cycling at EC like wat she did last year … and were wondering whether she has friends mah … hahaha … joke of the day 😀

And so right after our anniversary lunch (catered in from Noble House one leh) in the office, all 10 of us set off to meet up with LM (who had left us for greener pasture and specially took half day for our event) before we proceeded to EC.

Someone suggested this rental shop which was better (best or not I’m not sure :P) among the rest around that region.


After knowing that all 6 of us who rent their roller blade sets were all newbies, the uncle from the rental shop taught us how to wear the skate, the knee pads, the wrist guards, and some basics safety precautions that we needed to take note.


3 super gan-jiong newbies happily wore on everything but without knowing how to ‘roll’ to the skating ring which was a distance away. And so no choice, I had to ‘act’ as a ‘T-pole’, ‘jaga-ing’ between both SK and YT, while LM and SH holding on to CT.



We had a hard time trying to stable ourselves on the skate … siong man! Nevertheless, it was fun and exciting … though I’m still the slowest and timid one among the newbies 😛



After the full 2 hours was up, we returned all the rented equipments back to the rental shop before heading for wash up and drink at the McDonald’s.





As 3 of us (SK, YT, and I) need to go for our evening class back at TPCC, we took early dinner instead. After much considering, we decided to join the rest to Peninsula building for viewing the roller blades at a in-line skate retail shop recommended by BT before we head off to the class at 7.30pm.

This evening class was extremely ‘siong’ … which added on to the already exhausted spirit after the skating.

Full workout today man!







First time: In-Line Skating @ EC

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