North ‘Tour’ Again

27 Jul Fri

As mentioned earlier, T went for reservist for these 2 weeks and finally will be booking out this weekend before booking in again on Sun nite. 大妹 wanted to return back to her own home over the weekends, and so ‘inviting’ us to stay overnite at her place.

Well, thinking that she will be alone if we dun … it’s her actual birthday this weekend … and cun possibly let her collect and carry all T’s course materials by herself, I ‘coolie-ed’ (from dictionary : “An unskilled Asian laborer” … no leh … hmm …) myself to accompany her 😛

Had a late yummy dinner nearby her place before emerging myself into the saga drama 《溏心风暴》 from 11pm till ……… 3am @_@ …… all alone …… 小妹 reached and even slept liao 😛

2007072801s28 Jul Sat

We woke up as early as 10am+ (大妹 woke up much earlier loh), getting ready for our brunch at CWP Crystal Jade.



My fav choice in dim sum restaurants, Steamed Chicken Feet in Black Sauce – Simply yummy! : )

Prawn Congee – like their congee very much … smooth and tasty

Abalone/Fish Congee – my choice after watching the ‘abalone’ drama … abalone in super cute size though dun have much taste 😛

Carrot Cakes – nice and yummy!

Char Siew fillings Cheong Fun – very bland … rice skin not thin and smooth enough

Ha Kau – ok lah … nothing special

New creation, Aloe Vera Osmanthus Honey Dessert
– we had a hard time finishing this up cos it’s not very nice. The osmanthus caused the dessert to be very bitter … urrr …

After our brunch, shopping for some bb’s stuffs and ‘coffeebreak’ at Ya Kun, we parted at 1.45pm with me heading towards AMK Hub for my second part.

Remember I mentioned before that I had not finished with my ‘tour’ in AMK Hub? I initialised this again with the convenience that I was at Woodlands … just around 15mins away from AMK 😛 But there’s more ppl this time round. EK, NL, AY, PL, CL and me : )

Not sure why EK wanted very much to dine at Fish & Co though there are other options, but just in case she ‘fly us kites’ again, we obliged to it 😛

Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon – mine ^_*

As I just had my brunch not too long ago, I opted for Salmon Salad which I din get to eat it the other time. After ordering the Mermaid Freeze, CL arrived. But to my dismare, I was told by her that the drink that I ordered might be the super big beer-drink-glass. OMG! @_@ And just as I’m still in my shock state, the gaint drink arrived!

My Mermaid Freeze … huge man! I cun finished up yo!
** side track ** dun u find this pooh cute … the kind of ‘pls-buy-me’ look … it’s AY’s one … will go for one at the taka toy fair coming week “P ** end of side track **

Mussels Penne with Garlic & Lemon Cream – small bread to go with the sauce. Very tasty. Sauce just nice not very thick.

2x Seafood Platter for one – Platter of seasonal fish, calamari & prawns – I only tried their rice and it’s savoury good! “P


After munching here and there, I’m full liao 😛

Free dessert for paying via Citibank card the other time came … Hot Fudge Cake.
The brownie was still warm when served and sweetness was just nice. It goes nicely with the vallina ice-cream.
All of us like this. We had another voucher for this after paying by Citibank card again ^_*


We went shopping around before ending up at the basement for …….. SNACK! 😛 (we are a group of ‘snack-ers’)

EL ‘treated’ (cos I din pay for it … hehehe :P) me to a Rainbow Topings Donut …
taste so much nicer than those from Taka’s Donut House.

The crispy veg from Happy Veg was good too! It will taste much much much better with their chili sauce which bring u ‘choky’ feel as u ‘inhale’ before u start ur bite on the snack. Will go for different fillings the next time I’m there : )

After not knowing where else to go, I suggested AMK central 😛 cos I seldom have the chance to walk to that side. So the Northern-ers (EK/CL/NL/PL) taking the Western-ers (me/AY) for a ‘tour’ at the central. I felt alien to the place cos (think) it’s my 1st time. Eating the homemade ice-cream from the cart and taking pix as if I was a tourist.


We spent some times at the Mega This Fashion before we head off to look for available table at the hawker. But too bad, fully taken up 😦 Anyway we went off to Ramen Ten instead after EK said that their ramen is good.


Super Spicy Ramen – mine but too hot for my liking … HOT! HOT!

Lala Spicy Ramen – EK’s one … the soup is choky then mine :-O

Spicy Karaage Ramen – NL’s one … hmm … fried meat on soup …
din really try this cos my tougue was numbed 😛 should be any different from mine

Seafood Dry Ramen – CL’s one … good choice man! I like this dish!
Not that hot and got the crabby gravy leh “P Will go for this the next time.

EK and AY left after our dinner, leaving PL, CL and NL accompanied me back to AMK Hub … cos they scare I will lost my way 😛 (hey! I’m not so sotong lor … just feel abit pathetic to walk thru the mall alone … I came all the way from WEST leh … hmph! ^_*)

Drop by Tip Top for their famous curry puffs … CL and (who arh?) bought some for their breakfast.
I’m too full to think of tomorrow’s breakfast “P
Anyway they said the one from Clementi hawker centre was equally good!

After a brief ‘stroll’ in some available shops, all 4 of us set off home too … much earlier than the other time … no missing of train back home ^_*

North ‘Tour’ Again

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