Switch Of Cultural Likes

Supposed to have this lunch treat by one of the monkeys (oops! better dun let him know on this entry :P) on Mon, but I took leave at the very last min and so was postponed to the following day instead. Who knows one of the gals was on mc, and so postponed another day which is today.

Well, he actually had the honour of treating us, gals only, to a lunch meal. 😛 And so inorder to appreciate his offer and give him ‘face’, with limited restaurants around due to 1 hour lunch restriction, we chose this authentic japanese restaurant located in IP level 2.

set meal I ordered 9mths ago – S$18.90

set meal I ordered this time – S$14.90

Both set meals are simply yummy! Dun u think it’s rather cheap for such good food at such big serving? Recommended yo! ^_*

But mind u will have to wait about 15mins even though u had made reservations. I’m not sure about off peak hour, but I encountered such twice during lunch hours. Anyway u can place ur order while waiting by the door, where u will be serve within 5mins (depending on how complicated ur set meal was) once u were given a table.

And a very ironical scene we encountered this time was … my group of jap bosses were actually waiting for available table at the chinese restaurant just located beside ours, while we were waiting for one too but at the jap restaurant. Hahahaa ….


I received calls from NEA again with regards to my recycling collection yesterday. They called to ensure that my green bag was collected and with a new one given. I had to return their call after confirmation with my mum cos I wasn’t around during the collection. Good service ya.

And today I received an official email from them to finalise the whole of this enquiry. Whao! :-O They really took SIMPLE enquiry … SERIOUSLY …

Switch Of Cultural Likes

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