Recycling @ Home

I had always been very supportive of the Recycling @ Home – National Recycling Programme implemented by National Environment Agency (NEA). If I remembered correctly, they used to provide recycling bags (green bag) for every household in my estate when they first implemented this programme in 2001. But somehow for some unknown reason, they discontinued doing so … maybe not much people participated and so resources (green bags) were wasted instead … that’s my own thinking lah 😛

Just when I felt quite ‘sad’ cos it’s such a waste to throw the recyclable stuffs away, my then working office started engaging recycling company to collect recyclable stuffs from the office fortnightly which I was in high favour of it 🙂 I started bringing old magazines, printouts, used envelopes and so on to office just to dump them into the recycling bin.

When I left the then company and joined the previous company (disclaimer: I’m not a jobs-hopper hor), the wastage of papers were getting serious … I mean the amount of papers used by the company. Regretfully to say they did nothing to salvage the situation.

My understanding for disposal of confidential documents was that the recycling company would either suggest someone to accompany the collector down to the collection point to make sure that the confidential documents were properly disposed of, or another way was for the collector to bring down their portable BIG SHREDDER to the office compound and shred them infront of the person-in-charge.

Actually the same situation remained for my present company. The amount of wastage was equally 惨不忍睹.

After waiting for few years, the Recycling @ Home programme came back to our estate. I was delighted and started collecting recyclable stuffs. I was overjoyed when I saw ready-for-collection green bags outside most of our households on our level on the first few collections … everyone were heavily involved too : )

But as time goes by, I dun seems to see anymore green bags for collections nor are there any empty ones outside the households. That means me wondered whether there is anymore collection at all. And because I had lost tracked of the collection dates, I sent an email to our town council last Sun.

Just this morning, someone from NEA called me actually :-O … sorry cos I thought they would simply ignore my email enquiry 😛

The guy told me that the collection has been on all the while and asked if my recycled stuffs had been collected. He even suggested special doorstep collection which I turned him down cos I could simply place them at our doorstep during the collection date. So in the end he told me that he will inform the collector to take note of my collection on the 24th Jul especially of my blk … and asked if he could disclose my unit no to the collector so as not to miss out ours.

Scare of me? No lah 😀 Anyway, dun you find them very efficient? I’m amazed ^_^


Saw this pile of things on my computer desk.


They are from 小妹’s BF

Hmm … the present one was a gift from my 大妹 which I had been using for 3 years. It’s high time I change it since the paint has came off 😛

Recycling @ Home

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