Crabby Nite @ Forture Seafood Steamboat

I had came back from Shanghai for 3 days, but I think the rush and encounters plus the late nites during this trip had exhausted me much. So much so that I’m still in a daze when NL reminded me about this crabby dinner arrangement which was planned before I left for the trip ** I had actually forgotten @_@ **

Our initial plan was to go for the No Signboard Restaurant at Vivo, but EK suggested one at Bukit Timah instead. Anyway in the end she “fly-ed us kite” again. She is officially a ‘pigeon hole’ from now 😛 ** the rest understood wat I meant **

NL actually sent us the agenda for this dinner which I only saw it after the whole event was over 😛

I was to take a cab from Clementi taxistand around 6-6.15pm and fetch them at their building lobby. Blur blur me not knowing where the eating place was told the going-to-change-shift taxi driver that our last stop will be around Beauty World. Who knows when the rest board the cab, they told him that it will be somewhere near Sixth Avenue. The taxi driver looked at me in dismay which I couldn’t be bother cos I simply too zombie then ~_~ … sorry …

When we finally reached the place, I immediately recognised the place cos I had actually been there near 10 years ago when the few of us searching high and low for this place which the suggester only knew it as Lou Bui. So it’s actually called Forture Seafood Steamboat.



NL had actually booked a table in the air-conditioned section. I dun recall them having that cosy section 10 years ago. Anyway under such hot weather, we sincerely appreciated that : )

We ordered Chili Crab, Asam Fish Head, Prawn-paste Chicken Wings and . We had actually wanted to order more of the chili crab, but the owner (looks like it leh) warned us that we had ordered a lot for only the 4 of us. Well … he doesn’t know us 😛 Anyway we stopped as per his ‘warning’, thinking we could add on more orders if we were still not full. But who knows, we were indeed full to accomodate more 😛 ** think I’m full because of inhaling too much ‘air’ cos I was sharing with them the encounters I had in Shanghai while eating 😛 **

Ah Char – nothing special

Chili Crab – wasn’t that fantastic … something is lacking
the ‘best friend’ fried buns were however good

Asam Fish Head – think I still preferred Curry Fish Head

Prawn-paste Chicken Wings
doesn’t taste as good as wat I had 10 yrs ago … not much of the prawn-paste taste at all and was rather oily so was rather disappointed 😦

Cun remember the name but this was the best among the lot. The tofu skin was crispy and the vege was tasty.

Crabby Nite @ Forture Seafood Steamboat

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