Porridge Steamboat at Parklane Deli House

Have been to this place near a year ago and I kinda of missed it 😛 So when they asked for any suggestion to dine at Bugis, I suggested this place.

the meal I took last year

other than these raw selections, there are some other selections like vege, sausages, and many more at the buffet table too

Actually Lan and MZ are more of a ‘basic food’ person, so I rather quite doubted that they will fancy this place which offered porridge base for steamboat when they started to ask questions @_@

Anyway in the end they decided to go ahead with my suggestion and we headed off to Parklane Deli House for our porridge steamboat at Liang Seah St. which only cost S$14.80 NETT :-O

Well, as expected, they simply dun fancy PORRIDGE steamboat. Usually the waiter will suggest us to place in the flower crab and salted egg first to enhance the fragrance of the porridge which I did the first time I went there. The taste and fragrance was heavenly which attracted us to take more of the porridge though the then waitress suggested to us not to cos we might not have enough stomach to accomodated the buffet food.

After that time, I had been wanting to go there with other groups again. But too bad, this group doesn’t like it. 😦

sour spicy sauce … nice ^_^d

Please do not ask me wat sauce is this … cos I remember the waiter who suggested in helping me to mix a special sour & spicy formula used near 9 (or more?) different sauces that could be found in their sauce corner. Anyway I like the mix … the other 2 sticked to the normal chili sauce.


free ice cream each … dun remember having them the other time … I din take cos too full :p

We went back to PBJ after the dinner. After window-shopping around, we settled down a Terra Cafe (again) cos we missed the Tiramisu 😛

Basically I dun recall the f&b we ordered 😛

think it’s called Honey Green Tea … my order

something like french toast … this is yummy ^_*

a kind of coffee mix … bland taste … think their coffee are meant to taste like dat ba …

This time round upon payment, I remembered the NETS reward discount. Apparently the waiter knew nothing about the discount cos he looked puzzled when I told him about that. So I’m wondering how do I get the discount using NETS, and if I dun approach the cashier, how do I pay by NETS? I’m suprised when the waiter passed me the NETS gadget for keying in my pin no. … whao! so it’s wireless!!! And when I received the receipt, no discount leh … so how to do I claim? Got to check out the NETS reward programme webby.

This night we chatted till 1am+ @_@ … from Parklane Deli House to Terra Cafe (until closed hour) to nowhere but at the stone seat at Bugis Square … no choice … Lan got too much frustration to vend 😛 OMG!! … 2 days later I got to catch a midnite flight to Shanghai! Got to catch some sleep before that :S

Porridge Steamboat at Parklane Deli House

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