Hi Tea @ Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scott

This gathering was planned way back in Mar when I got news that LN will be posted to texas for 2 years. Gathering date had been postponed and postponed till to date. No choice … we … ay … they are all busy career men and women 😛 And until the mummy-to-be said she ‘need’ to meet us before she give birth next mth ^_*

So many updated news for this gathering that near all came for the catch up.

First with LN posting to texas for 2 yrs, AT giving birth soon, HH pregrant again :D, and GR getting married at the end of the year … Whao! So many thing happened since our last gathering 10mths ago @_@

Anyway being the PIC to call for this gathering, I suggested hi tea @ Carousel. One which I went for their soft opening for invited guests ONLY early this year. That time was a dinner buffet. Big spread with fresh seafood and others.


If u have the chance, do go and have a look at the toilet on the 2nd level, just beside the Heat ultralounge.
The hotel executives then had actually ‘intro’ this toilet to us 😛


So after uncertainty confirmation, I made the booking and send out this ‘professional’ email to the rest 😛


I had made the reservation at Carousel for 10 pax on 23 Jun under “xxxxx”.

Hi-Tea is from 3.30-5.30 at the rate of S$28.50+++ (adult) and S$15+++ (child).

CC promotion is dunno wat royal plaza card 20%. 15% for citibank, uob … and dunno wat for Amex. (very messy :P)

Hotel is just beside Shaw Tower. Opp Far East Plaza. Whoever drive and want cheap parking fee, you can park at the carpark behind Wheelock pl 😛

Restaurant is just on the left when u came in from the main entrance which was renamed from Cafe Vienna.

We … I hope to see you all soon.

How? How? Sounds professional “P

And I was quite amazed with their super convenient phone booking system where u will be informed of all the informations regarding different buffets’ rate, cc promotions and so on, before u proceeded to place ur booking with the operator.

As usual, though I’m reported in advance to be late, I still the first to arrive there … and on the dot somemore ~_~

When the rest arrived, I realised those who drive had actually misread my note on the cheap parking part. Wheelock carpark was just a suggestion from me, and some thought there’s no parking place in the hotel or the nearest carpark was at Wheelock … and my dear mummy-to-be actually walked all the way from that carpark “P Luckily the other mummy-twice-to-be was ‘clever’ enough 😀 Oops! … hehehe …

Surprisingly GR managed to make it for the hi tea after returning back from JB.

The rare session was enjoyable and with lots of laughter … so much so that I ate quite little that day “P



So when’s the next session? BB’s full mth celebrations, CNY or when LN back on vacation a yr later? Nevertheless, LN, do remember to inform us 1 mth in advance so that we have enough time to coordinate our orders … ayy … gathering I mean … hehehe 😛

Hi Tea @ Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scott

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