Monkeys’ Mischief

Remember! Never … never go lunch with guys who are particular with food, easily hungry, full of questions, but did nothing to help.

2007062201sThis was prearranged farewell lunch for BH with our dept local staffs … cos the boss took too long to arrange one which can accomodate everyone’s timing. And so ended up SC arranging it and suggested lunching at New Seoul Korean Restaurant located at Peck Seah St.

Everything went ‘smooth’ until the actual day when some ‘small’ jap bosses knew about this farewell lunch and wanted to tag along (oh! we have to ‘behave’ then …).

Quite a fine place but ordering and serving took quite long for a weekday working lunch hour. And the irritable grumblings from the 3 ‘monkeys’ add on to the already messy orders, so much so that even when the food arrived, SC and I din enjoyed much.

SC and I had decided … we will come here again … but WITHOUT these ‘monkeys’ … they were simply too noisy that day …

Ok … I had a hard time matching the names to the right dishes cos only korean ‘pin-yin’ were shown on the receipt … so 如有错误,谨请原谅!:P And some dishes weren’t taken cos the ‘monkeys’ were too hungry for me to take pix 😦

Pa Jeon – green onion pancake (S$20)

Kimchi Haemul Jeon – kimchi with seafood and green onion pancake (S$20)

A La Carte Dish (S$20)

Hae Mul Tang L – Mixed seafood spicy soup (S$55)

Bul Nak Geon Gol – Soup with Mixed Octopus & Beef in Casserole (S$40)

Bossam – steamed pork with kimchi served with lettuce leaves (S$35)

Myon Nak-ji – Baby Octopus w Noodles (S$25)

Bul Go Gi – grilled beef (S$16)

Dark Bul Go Gi x2 – grilled chicken (S$16 ea.)

dunno wat dessert or drink was out of stock and so they serve this to us instead … which was actually coke … in bowl @_@

And think they short-charged us on the Samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup).

Anyway the bill, inclusive of drinks and other miscellaneous, came up to $295.90 … which was under company account ^_*


This evening, I met up with 大妹 for dinner at Tiong Bahru Sakae Sushi. Near 8+ I received a call from EK asking my whereabout cos few of them heading on to Botak Jones for dinner so was wondering I could drop by.

I dropped by the place after confirming on the phone upon reaching Clementi around 9+. EK, AG, FY and JT just finished their dinner. As the coffeeshop was getting warm, we headed off to Mc for chat with FY leaving for his next session at Zouk.


Monkeys’ Mischief

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