AMK (Ang Mo Kio) Hub … a place where I had wanted to go but was postponed a few times 😦

I had been ‘brain-washed’ by few ppl that the place doesn’t have much to shop … which I dun think so. If compared to Central, this one has much more to shop.

2007061602sAs NL will be working till late afternoon, we arranged to meet together with PL at AMK Hub around 5pm. So knowing that, 大妹 wanted me to meet up with her at CWP for lunch and shop around for her ‘big-sized tummy” clothes before I head off to AMK which is just 15mins stops away.

Everytime she tried on some ‘big-sized tummy” pants, she would suggest that I could buy them too … ** hmph! notti **

Somehow … ayy … most of the time somehow … my hp ‘will’ be in a low-batt state when I have any outing arrangements “P I switched off my hp to reserve the energy for contacting them when I reached AMK Hub. But who knows, when I switched on my hp around 4pm+, few call alerts came in. I thought wat has happened to NL :-O

Well, she happened to end her work early and could meet up earlier … @_@

Anyway, by the time I left CWP, I reached AMK Hub exactly the arranged time, 5pm and soon met up with NL and PL.

We started browsing from B1 which was said to have the most shops. Tried a few pants at G2000 … think I really need to cut down the fats on my tummy 😦 (has been taking too many dumplings recently). Anyway NL managed to buy a skirt there.

And I think we spent too much time at G2000 that we din really have time for the shops at L1 and we proceeded straight off for our dinner at Fish & Co. on L2.

There was a short queue by the time we reached the restaurant. But we were soon given a table and it was just beside the full length window. Nice view yah 🙂 I like the deco of this new branch. Very cosy (and cold).



They were having the promotion set meals for the new local movie, Legend Of The Sea. The plush toys look cute but my room has no more space for them “P


We ordered Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon, Peri Peri Fish, Sambal Fish, Wrasse Fillet.

PL’s order … Wrasse Fillet – Seasonal catch, grilled & served with tangy & spicy sauce. Like the rice.

My order … Peri Peri Fish (cun remember the actual dish name) – Whole line fish fried & served with peri peri sauce.

NL’s order … Sambal Fish – Whole line fish fried & served on a platter topped with sambal sauce. Think I still like this dish much.

Well, like what NL had mentioned in her blog, all the 3 dishes looks and taste the same. The only difference is the sauce.

I had wanted to order their grilled salmon but was reminded by PL that we already had a salmon dish … but who knows, after we had finished our main courses, our appetitiser still hasn’t arrived. So upon checking with another waitress did we realised that they had not taken down that order. Anyway might as well since we were already very full after our main courses … right time for mistake huh “P2007061628s

We proceed on with our ‘shoppings’ after our dinner … only at L3. Bought a mahjong hp strap for mummy … wish her luck for her mahjong game : )

2007061622sAs we walked along, upon reaching the escalator, we saw a crowd … some commotions were going on there. A character from the movie, Fantastic Four, were distributing phamplets … think for the promotion of the movie at mall’s Cathay Cineplex.

After browsing through the shops at L3, it was 9pm+. PL who had wanted to buy thing from the FairpriceXtra had suggested to make a move there while NL and I continued our browsing at other level. But we were interested with the FairpriceXtra too and so tagged along 😛

Whao! It was a mega supermarket! Just like that of the Giant Supermarket, though PL kept saying it was like the Carrefour cos she hasn’t been to Giant yet. But anyway, they are almost similar and I dun feel as feel I was in a NTUC supermarket at all. Weird us spent quite a while there. And by the time we came out from the mega supermarket, it was almost 10pm+.

2007061625sVery ‘reluctant’ to end the day, I suggested a rest and chat at any nearby cafe. So in the end we went to the Mc just across the hub and stayed till 11pm cos I still need to catch the last west train from Jurong. Who knows when I reached Jurong after 45mins of ride, there’s no more west service train at midnite liao … I would be able to catch it if not for taking the AMK Hub building to test out the nite mode for my new camera : (

(and so coincidencely I saw Ting and her hubby with her sleeping soundly in the same cabin). 

**note** I had sharpened the image with the photoshop though the original one wasn’t that bad either which would be better if my hand is MORE stable.

So in the end I took a cab back hm from Jurong and dropped directly infront of my flat. Think it’s safer then going thru the construction-ing central ^_*


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