Nite @ Parco Bugis Junction

This dinner-cum-shopping was almost cancelled cos Cat couldn’t make it last min. I was all mentally ready to stay at home (cos just simply lazy) until MZ called and hoped I could accompany her to buy her DND clothes. ** DND clothes again @_@ … not that I have a good sense of fashion 😛 **

While waiting for her to come all the way from Tuas, I went to PacNet to downgrade my subscription just to maintain my email account, and made an upfront payment till end of the year in order to enjoy the 5% GST surcharge offer despites the increase from 1 July onwards.

Free portable MP3/MP4 speakers after the prepayment

Went to Kino for a look too cos 20% discount offer for members **blink! blink**

my fav illustration 向左走向右走 and 地下铁 magnet bookmarks

<150cm Life> and <BB comics handbook>

Had read good reviews of this <150cm Life> illustration book quite some times ago but I only decided to buy it now. So had to start from the first book before I head on for the next 5 books of this series. At the same time, this bb comics handbook captured my attention. After knowing that it was drawn by the local and published on 早报 before, but most importantly there wasn’t too much chinese characters, I decided to grab this last book for 大妹.

Soon MZ arrived and we headed off to V8 for our dinner before we started the search. Went to all possible boutiques and department, stayed till Seiyu closing time that we decided to call it off.

With our tired legs, we finally chosen Terra Cafe for our rest … and nite snack 😛

My fav for now until I found a better one cos this is heavenly with liquor taste

Ying Yang
Had expected something like the hk cafe Yuan Yang drink, but this mixture of coffee and tea taste rather bland.

Wedges with dunno-wat cheesy dip
We were shocked to see such big basket of wedges … I meant at this time of the day.
Anyway, their wedges were good (remember? I’m a potato fanatic :P). The cheesy dip wasn’t bad either.

Just a week ago, I sent an email to 大妹 informing her about the below mentioned promo …


But I only realised about that offer after I cleared my outbox emails @_@ Somemore I had already signed up the nets rewards programme for 3-4yrs : (

Anyway I just wondered do anyone really pay by nets? Cos usually patrons either pay by cash or credit cards. So ppl out there! Do make good use of the promo if you are in the programme ^_* AND pls check other promo as well incase u loose out 😛 **super kiasu**

Nite @ Parco Bugis Junction

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