The Central

Today is friends meal-ing day.

As arranged, I had lunch with XP and Cat at the Thai restaurant below my office building. XP’s office is just next building to mine, while Cat’s office is at Science Park I. So she had to travel down to have lunch with us.

We ordered pork stewed soup, seafood tom yam soup, green curry chicken soup, and fried fish cakes to share among us. I quite like this kind of sharing cos I could taste different soups. I find them yummy and reasonable pricings. Only some ‘yim-chim’ colleagues of mine dun like their food.

** din take any pix cos that area is my ‘turf’ so … 😛 **

At nite, I went out with Cat again.

I told her to come down to my working area and we walk down to Chinatown instead … cos I want to take the pix of the red dot museum gallery structure and also to see the newly opened temple that had a grand opening on thurs.



meiheongyuen04sThere was this place which I always like to bring my family, friends and melaka relatives to. Highly recommended by me 😛

Mei Heong Yuen desserts shop. It used to only occupied 1 unit, but had extended to the next door unit … think 2 years+ ago. Actually during most of my visits there, the waitresses were mostly in moody looks. Especially during peak period like dinner time, they were simply insensative to your presence and always put on a ‘puay song’ look which will make you even more ‘puay song’ after the long wait for taking your orders. Just like what happened during my trip with my sis 9 mths ago (oops! so long still can remember ^_* … I’m very revengeful hor … no lah! I happened to keep that email which I forward to my colleagues 😛 ). If not for the sake of taking the pix to show them, we would have left liao 😛

meiheongyuen03s meiheongyuen02s


20070607s 2007060111s

We ordered the carrot+yam+pumpkin cakes set, sesame paste, steamed fresh milk and salted dumplings. The salty dumplings I would say it’s heavenly. So far those whom I brought them to, all like the dumplings. ** if you say you dun like … conclusion is … you are super dupey yim-chim … you go make them yourself! … 😛 ** And it’s not many time you will be able to have a taste of it cos it’s out of stocks very fast. Like I said earlier, we were lucky, cos not only did we managed to order what we want, we could even da-bao-ed 6 back (4 were Cat’s one lah).

And that’s our ‘appetisers’ for the nite … hehehe … I had never like to eat proper meal at Chinatown cos there’s a lots of goodies around yeh.

One of the year newly opened malls, Central was our next target … contributed to my heartlands shopping malls.

Anyway we were lucky today cos the waitresses/waiters were all in smily face. They were very patient in taking our orders too … cos Cat was not familiar with the desserts and took a long while to place our orders.


Not a bad place though one of my friends who only commented nothing much there. Hmm … as compared to those at Orchard and Bugis, it’s indeed nothing much. Well it’s just a matter of how you see it. But still, as a new mall, other than those common boutiques like Bossini, Charles & Keith, City Chain, so on … there are still some newly innovative shops around. From what I see, there are 2 atriums, where the inner atrium seems mostly restaurants. Not very sure cos shops on level 4 and around the other atriums were not fully opened … ay … kinda of maze too cos the escalator can just appear out of ‘nowhere’ 😛


Oh ya! To add on to our luckiness for the nite, we met a friendly and soft-spoken sale guy at City Chain which helped us a lot in searching for budgetted watches. And got freebies from him somemore … shhh … cannot tell 😛

We hang around there till 9pm+ before we decided to walk over to Clarke Quay for our … ay … supper?

Not knowing where for ‘supper’, Cat suggested Coffee Club … since the taxistand is just outside @_@

It was always full house with a emtpy table for 2 but without the arm-chair (the next table girl has taken it to put her bags #$%&^&). The waitress asked if we could take the bar counter instead. I found awkward sitting at the bar counter (cos only the 2 of us there), so she told us to wait for a while for an empty table near the bar counter which seats were like round sandbag. And so we temporary seated at the bar counter where chairs height were up till my heart area. I had a hard time ‘climbing’ up =~_~= Plus we had so many paper bags with us, other than temporary putting them on the small seat-face-area of the tall chair beside us, we had to put some on the bar counter, which was really very unsightly 😛

While waiting for an empty table, another waiter came by to ask if we would like to order their promotional sandwiches. And yes, our luck again, this guy was very friendly … knowing how uneasy we were, he briefly suggested to us on ordering our food first while the other waitresses cleared for emtpy table. And just as we were finished our orders, Cat spotted a empty table near the wall which came with an arm chair. So being a super kiasu me, I immediately tell him: “quick! quick!”. He got my signal and ‘dashed’ all the way to clear that table … funnie sight hahaha …

slipper lobster linguini

smoked salmon sandwich

country pie

tira latte

We ordered smoked salmon sandwich, slipper lobster linguini, and country pie to share. But we regretted when the spaghetti and the country pie came. The small round table couldn’t accomodate the 2 dishes plus our 2 small empty plate. So quickly we divided out the spaghetti to our own plate before the sandwich order came.

As we chatted along, being a big glutton, I finished up almost 90% of the sandwich :-O What a filling ‘supper’!!! 😛

We stayed till 11.30pm before we took cab back home.

The Central

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