Long Awaiting Break Free!

NL and I had been waiting for this day to come since the last IT show in Mar. Both of us has been discussing what camera to buy and finally the day came for us to decided before the GST hike in July 😛 **kiasu us**

Since some cannot make it for the trip, only both of us went ahead with our plan.

NL had an haircut appointment at 1pm, so since I’m TOO FREE at home that day, I ‘insisted’ having lunch with her at Suntec, and had decided that I will go for the book fair while she went for her haircut.

So we met early for our lunchie, but who knows, as per ‘usual’, someone ‘absent-minded’ works again. 😛 She forgotten to bring out her hp and so …

I was already at Cityhall station when she sms-ed me that she will be late. In order not to stand around like a ‘gong gong’ for half an hour, I went in search for a cafe while waiting for her.


I had passed by this cafe many times when I came to Citylink, but din know that they have an enclosed seating area which I find it very cosy. After ordering a glass of ice lemon tea, I took a table near the window glass where I could see flocks of ppl oncoming from the station.

After waiting for dunno how long, the girl in red arrived ^_* And so we headed straight towards Suntec for our lunch at Mc.

Understand from NL that she had wanted to buy the Shrek’s hairband … just for the sake of taking a pix with it on her. Actually I dun mind, but think she received numerous ‘shocked’ eyes around when she told her ‘dream’ to some ppl days before, so much so that she dun dare to buy it. Poor thing …

Anyway today is the break free from my near 2 wks forced diet due to the rare (to me) throat ucler, I need to eat something ‘special’. And so we ordered the newly introduced Grilled Chicken Teppanyaki Burger set.


Both agreed that it was yummy! The mayo seems a bit salty though but after adding a bit of their garlic chili, the mixture was less salty and taste better. The grilled chicken meat seems to came from the thigh cos it was very tender and juicy : )

As for the fries, after adding the seaweed powder, they tasted like some tibit crackers … something like my fav. veg crackers. But then I still prefer the original fries without too much salt.

While eating the set, both reminded of their former promotional burger, Samurai Burger. That was simply YUMMY! I missed that very much … do you think it will come back again? And someone kept thinking that promotional set was Oriental Burger … hahaha … **faint**

By the time we finished our meal, it was near 1.30pm … and someone’s appt was actually 1pm @_@ … so I reckoned our trip to PC show will be late. But nevermind, I will have more time at the bookfair which I was also looking forward to. : )

Anyway in order not to let the history repeat itself, we had agreed to check our hp every now and then, and to meet at the PC show exhibition hall entrance.

Suntec City was exceptionally crowded that day, especially because a small part of the shops area was sealed up which caused a small ‘human’ jam towards the galleria. Upon reaching the ex-congress kopitiam, I was suddenly bewildered by the deco ahead. It looks like a library to me (u know like those u saw in harry potter that kind) more than a FOODCOURT! And yes, it’s newly opened Republic Foodcourt.


As I walked pass that path towards the conference hall, there was time when there was totally no movement at all. I really pity those ppl who ordered their food on the other side of the path and to cross over to the other side to be back to their seat. I think the food would have been cold by then. Not a good choice to eat there during such highly populated exhibitions period (esp. both bookfair and pc show held co at the same exhibition centre, on a public holiday and long school holiday). After squeezing through the crowd, I finally made my way up to the bookfair at level 4.


I was rather shocked to see that the fair was quite ’empty’ (usually it was very crowded). I strolled my way from one end of the hall to the other end of the hall. As I have yet to read those books I bought during last yr’s bookfair :P, I only aimed to buy a chinese idioms dictionary to improve on my chinese ‘blog’ entries.

And so happened while strolling towards this (think is M’sia) booth, the origami captured my attention. They were simply nice and beautiful. Have a ‘chat’ with the creator and bought the book without thought (aiya! I should have a pix with her or get her signature on the book :P)


Just as I was going to walk further down to look at the other booths, N called and sms but I din know even though I held the phone pouch out. So went out of the hall and gave her a call back. As I wanted to check out on 1 or 2 more books inside before we proceeded to go upstairs for our camera purchase, I had her meeting me at the hall entrance instead. It was almost 3.30pm then.

Upon reaching level 6, the ‘world’ was totally different!!! The entrance area at level 4 was clean and pick, but it was totally different at level 6 where the PC show was. Brochures and leaflets were all over the area. That’s an ugly sight for a ‘well-known’ ‘clean city’. Many ppl were seen sitting on the floor with their purchases and we got to understand why later too.


Thought with the help of the floorplan, we can go straight to the booth we wanted, but there dun seems any floorplan around at the main entrance. Anyway not to delay further, we tried our luck in the search for Panasonic booth. It was extremely crowded when we stepped into the hall and could only see Canon within our reach. Soon I managed to spot a big Panasonic sign ahead, and so we squeezed thru Acer booth to get the shortcut 😛


NL said we were like a rich tai tai at that moment cos we bought the S$599 camera, with testing, asking, thinking, confirming, paying and checking, all in less than 15mins. We were both shocked when the sale girl gave us another bulky paper bag consisted of a free bulky safety case, which was in additional to the already bulky paper bag. So which means we cun go any further to explore more. With the 2 bulky paper bags each, we had a hard time squeezing thru the crowd which was JUST a short distance away.

After we ‘braved’ thru the ‘storm’, we were like the rest, sat down on the floor with our barangs. So those seated there were all warriors of the fair … hahaha … (I saw from the news that nite that the first 5 hrs from the opening of the PC Show has already ‘invited’ lots of ppl … and we might be one of them 😛 … no wonder so crowded …)


With barely even 4pm, we proceeded to Marina Square for some shopping spree … not really a spree kind la ^_*. GSS mah, just buy watever is neccessary at a much cheaper price “P Like the sneaker which I bought for $15. I’m actually looking for a suitable one to wear during my trip to Shanghai this mth-end. NL got a purple sweater for the same price too. Cheap and nice.


And yes … cheap … cos a blouse I bought for cny was selling at $30+ initially with some discounts then, but when I bought a different colour after cny, more discount. And when my sis bought it in Mar, the price dropped further. So that day I saw it again, and guess wat!!! It was selling at $15?!?!!? @_@ Ok nevermind, it was left with black/grey/white, so dull … my colours are brighter … hmph!


We din buy much … simply window-shopping-ing at MS until we felt hungry again and headed for our dinner at Azabu Sabo. Yeh! ^_*




Tori Karaage

We ordered Tori Karaage (crispy chicken w japanese style sauce) as our starter … oh yes! Their green tea is simply nice. We refilled that numerous-ly “P

cold ramen noodle with seafood in sesame mayonnaise (before mixed)

As recommended in one of the food blogs which I frequented, I ordered their cold ramen noodle with seafood in sesame mayonnaise. Whao! It’s simply refreshing and yummy! (yummy is the best word to describe when u cun find a word to describe 😛 ) The moment the friendly waitress placed down the dish, I almost ‘fainted’ cos the serving was (seems) very big! But soon, I finished all up … hehehe … And the taste enhanced more with the yellow thingy sauce … wasabi la.


cold ramen noodle with seafood in sesame mayonnaise (after mixed)

ramen with scallop & butter in soup

NL ordered the promotional ramen with scallop & butter in soup. Butter in soup sounds weird right? But the aroma and the taste from the soup is … ok change word … Heavenly “P

And as mentioned in the same food blog to go for something special than the norm ice cream flavour set with easy to obtained fruits but at a higher price, I chose the famous Hokkaido Mattcha Ice Cream. NL’s promotional meal set came with the green tea sundae which the base was like those of a less sweeten ‘tau sa piah’. Nice too but a bit filling. Anyway she managed to finish it up. Well, we were actually big eater … hehehe …


As both of us needed to be back to watch the 10pm TVB drama, we left the place after browsing at the nearby shoes shop.

A very satisfing day out with my long-waiting break free from bored meals. I managed to ‘fulfil’ 2 of the items on my ‘recovering-to-eat list’ “P. More to come … **evil smile**

Long Awaiting Break Free!

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