Towards The East

Many people think I’m crazy to go airport so early just for … BREAKFAST!?! “P

Actually since last year, I had this crazy planning of Heartland Malls Hop … meaning dropping by at all the heartland malls which were accessible via mrt. “P

Well, you might say I’m crazy. But Singapore being Singapore is so small, there’s almost nowhere to shop at. Or rather I was already very bored with Orchard and Bugis, cos they are the common centralised areas for most gatherings who lived at different parts of Singapore.

And since I was rather ‘hardworking’ lately, I don’t mind travelling all the way to the east to have my breakfast with one of my best-est friends 😛

Let me see … 3 years ago when I’m out of job, I had been to the heartland malls at the north-west area. Lot 1 @ CCK, Limbang Plaza within feeder bus distance from CCK, West Mall @ Bt. Batok, CWP @ Woodlands (this has become a rather frequent one cos my sis stayed there).

Last year x’mas I went Junction 8 @ Bishan, 2nd time since 2001 … I think. There were a lot of changes … new extention with more shops, and more crowded then before.

Ok, back to the airport hop. Frankly speaking, other than taking flight for overseas trips, I had never really ‘tour’ around our World Class Airport. I had always relunctant to take mrt to the airport though it’s very convenient (realised since this trip).

I’m supposed to meet Lan (yes, we had been meeting each other for 3 consecutive days) around 10.15am at Tanah Merah platform. Last nite last min was informed that her hubby had to work till late afternoon today, and so she had to bring her kids along. As I left home slightly late, I only reached there 10.30am after 45mins of direct travelling from near west-end to the other near east-end. And since she had to bring kids out, it’s common that the mother will be late “P. She only reached around 11am. So waiting for half an hour gong-gong-blur-blur-ly at the platform, and since nothing to do, I just take pix 😛


My first time to be at the Changi Airport MRT station. Seldom (or none) see control station located on the platform. And it looks more like a check-in counter for flights boarding than the gantry for the mrt passengers.


Upon stepping out from the gantry, we went straight to L3 of T1 to look for Lan’s friend, K at the skyview lounge.

As Lan’s elder son wasn’t feeling well that day, we went to Crystal Jade for porridge before we had our proper lunch later in the afternoon. P joined us at the restaurant.

After our not-so-full-but-just-nice brunch, we headed off to the skyview lounge for chat … and planes viewing @_@


K left around 2pm+ while the rest headed off for lunch at Swensen on L1. We ordered rodeo wings and deep fried mushrooms as our side order. I like both side orders. The deep fried mushrooms are surprising yummy.

Soon my main course order came, my usual order of Crayfish Pasta. I had wanted to order some meaty course but since Lan wanted some side orders, so I just choose the ‘non-filling’ crayfish pasta (actually it’s equally full “P ). Somehow I find that the serving ganishing was much different from the other city branches, presentation was good but not the food, not as tasty. At this moment, I noticed the next table orders of the Caribbean Treasures set, looks yummy :-))

After the main course, I had them served up the Goldrush … for myself 😛 Lan ordered banana split while P ordered frosted chocolate malt which we found that too(x10) sweet.

Soon P left too, while Lan and me continued to chat. Recently we just had a lots to chat 😛

We left the airport around 4pm+, and both relunctantly to leave for the day, we were wondering what’s exhibition was at the Expo then. But after much consideration, we headed off to Tampines Mall.


Highly populated place cos it’s too(x10) crowded!!!! I used to hang out these malls when I’m studying at TP. But there wasn’t such horrible crowd then. There seems a lot of new shops/stalls to browse through at Tampines but looking at the crowd, we decided NOT to step in to Century Square. And so we ended up at Mc of Tampines Mall … for further chat until Lan’s hubby came by to fetch them up for his grandmother last-min-change-of-birthday-dinner.

Towards The East

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