Hi-Tea @ Mezza 9

20070504movietickets-sThe day before I was told there’s 12 free movie tickets for Spiderman 3, but I forgo that to the gathering (I preferred gathering than watch movie even though it’s FREE). So ended up giving my 6 free tickets to my 1/2 bro and his friend, and a friend with his family 🙂 Good hur me ^_*

CL has actually eye -ed on mezza9 after reading from a newpaper(?). So I helped to organise since I’m also keen to try out there.

We had actually booked a table for 10 but 6 of us turned out instead. Anyway we were given an ideal ‘isolated’ table … away from the rest of the diners.

As everyone is late (again) for the booking time, I rushed down via cab and reach there just in time. But got panic cos I couldn’t find the restaurant. To my dismay none of them know where to. Anyway managed to find it at the end of a spiral staircase from the main entrance. (hehe…had went in to the hotel from the side door and just headed straight towards Straits Kitchen so that’s why :P)

I was greeted by few friendly staffs the moment I stepped into the restaurant and was led to a table ‘super’ near the seafood buffet section ^_*



Soon the rest arrived and we began our scouting.

I started walking towards the fruit juices section and was ‘stopped’ by a chef inside the buffet table. “BECAREFUL MDM!!” Paused my step immediately and realised I’m almost going to bump into the full length transparent glass wall!!! @_@ No wonder the buffet area looked so spaceous.

So after being warned, I warned the rest who were going towards that area and proceed on to check out the other side instead. So me and AY went the other way and this time was stopped by one of the staffs who told us that the other section is for customers who order ala carte food. @_@ And so only the fruit juice section and the seafood section available?!

I asked the staffs and was told that other buffet table was located right at the other side of the restaurant (where most buffet diners were).

We found out that there were only 2 buffet tables, dessert and pizza (or watever) sections. And THAT’S ALL! @_@ (sorry too many shocks)





Anyway, compliments given to the yummy chocolate milk drink and the freshy tiger prawns 🙂 So $35+++ per pax still worth lah (值回票价) … since I ate almost 1kg of it … oops! not that much lah 😛


We stayed till the hi-tea closing hour and went Far East Plaza for a short shopping before PL, NL and I went for more window-shopping and dinner when the rest parted. And yes! Dinner! cos we were ‘kinda’ of hungry again around 8+ (sorry our stomach are simply hollow 😛 )

So we went to Central Hong Kong Cafe 中环茶餐厅 at Taka b1 for our … ay … supper?

Yin Yang 鸳鸯, Lime with plum juice 吉仔酸梅 and Central French Toast 中环法兰西多士
I like their French Toast and Yin Yang

Silver Fish Fried Rice 银鱼三黄蛋炒饭
A OK dish

Fried Nissin Lean Meat Noodle 鼓油王餐蛋炒一丁
Surprisingly this instant noodle is the most yummy one among the rest that we ordered

XO Fried Turnip Cake 香煎萝卜丝饼配XO酱
The taste was just nice too : )

So far of the few hong kong cafe I went to in Spore, they served the best food. Yet to try Kim Gary at vivo … hmm will try one day ^_*

My ONLY shopping barang for this day … first time try … dunno good mah

Hi-Tea @ Mezza 9

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