Hog’s Breath Cafe @ Holland V

I planned this dinner with them last min the day before cos since I’m already out in the afternoon. Thought I would be able to meet them for dinner at Bugis instead but one of my friends need to fetch her kids out as well so could only arrange at somewhere near her place.

The journey from Bugis to Holland V took almost 45mins. And by the time I reached there, they were already in search of a Korean restaurant which they found in vain. I suddenly thought of Hog’s Breath Cafe having the UOB cc 1-for-1 promotion … and it’s only applicable to the HV branch. Taking advantage of this offer and since they couldn’t find a place for the dinner, I suggested the place to them.


I was quite ‘shocked’ the moment we reached at the restaurant, cos it’s opened concept! Under recent hot weather, that’s not a wise choice. But luckily there is a 2nd level to it, and it’s air-conditioned 😛


Quite a cosy place. And because of the 1-for-1 promotion, we were rather limited to 3 categories in the menu … Prime Rib Steak, Grills & Other Stuffs, and those courses written on the chalkboard. I remembered them very well cos the poor waitress had to repeat-dunno-how-many-times due to poor understanding from my friend 😛


CT happened to have a heavy lunchie and so only ordered Caesar Salad. Quite a filling one for a norm caesar salad.


FL having 2 small kids with her, she ordered Text-Mex Combo. The grilled sirloin steak though medium rare was still toughed for chewing. The chicken chimichanga (popiah-looked one) was yummy, but still it seems like curry puff to me 😛


As for me, I ordered Atlantic Salmon. I like this dish! I like the freshie from the grilled salmon. Being a potato fanatic, I opted for the mashed potato which served in a big ice-cream-scoop-like. Simply yummy!!!

Overall serving is good. Generous serving of food and friendly smile from staffs there. Recommended place to go 🙂

Though feeling full with the dinner, we ended up at Swensen for our desserts … Topless 5.

Wah! Today I ate a lot leh … ** as if I have never ate that much every time 😛 **

Hog’s Breath Cafe @ Holland V

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