A Lazy Friday Afternoon

I was ‘forced’ to take half day leave to accompany my dear sis to temple cos I dun have much leaves left and would like to use that for any future trips for this year. But since my sis ‘special’ requested, I just had to take that lor 😛

After rushing to clear work in the morning (there’s always seems a lots of unfinished works to clear when you are taking half day afternoon on a Friday!), I quickly rush down to Bugis to meet 大妹 for lunching at MOS burger. Dunno why both of us regretted lunching there that day after feeling unsatisifed with the food, and regretted not choosing Mc for their Fish Fantasy instead 😛

2007050410sOnce we were done with our prayings at 四马路, we headed straight to Liang Seah Street for our desserts at the planned Tong Shui Restaurant. Upon reaching the restaurant, the feeling was weird cos there wasn’t any patrons at all and the staffs were idling around. So still not a good place for chat if we were ‘watched’ by them. In the end we decided to try the desserts at Ah Chew Desserts °阿秋甜品 shop which we passed by earlier.

I had always wanted to try their desserts but it was usually fully packed in the evening.


After settling down in this ancient-chinese-feel dessert shop, I ordered my favourite 姜汁鲜奶炖蛋 (I missed the one I ate in Macau) while 大妹 ordered 百合红豆沙. I like the ginger taste in my steamed egg with milk. The taste was just nice for me. The red bean soup with gingo nut (with orange peel taste) was just nice for 大妹 too cos it wasn’t too sweet for taste.

It wasn’t long before we returned back to Bugis Junction for my Singnet subscription.

This afternoon seems exceptionally slow and zombie-feel for both of us cos soon we feel tired again and decided to settle down for a cup of coffee … to perk myself up cos I have another dinner appt at nite.

We chose De Toast to our usual Coffee Bean cos I was captured by the design of their table … it’s in a shape of a bread toast which I had never really noticed until today. And also because they served Vietnamese Coffee and some interesting pizza toast.



The aroma from the coffee was fragrance, but hmm … maybe this small shop is financial-constraint or shortage of cups at that moment, the coffee is served in a foamed cup … very non-eco-friendly. It would be better if they used a proper cup for that. Their pizza toast was yummy, though the ingredients are simple and easy to buy. 大妹 said she wanted to try doing that at home too 🙂

As it was almost reaching 5.15pm and I had to take bus to another appt location at Holland V, we decided parted before the peak hour start.

A Lazy Friday Afternoon

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