A Hearty Chat

Ever since we accompanied Lan for her DND dress shopping a mth+ ago, we started going gym together and had arranged few dinners … almost once a week.

It hasn’t been easy arranging such meet ups all these while cos they had family and kids at home, and so treasured these recent dinner gatherings very much. Somehow it gave me the kind of feeling as if we were back to our secondary school times (or rather before they had bfs) where we always had these kind of dinner gatherings or outings almost once or twice every week.

2007050308sThis time round, taking the advantage of 1-for-1 promotion, MZ suggested ladies nite at Cafe Brio of Grand Copthorne Waterfront. Though only 4 were available for the nite, we still had a hearty dinner.

The only disappointment was the food. The variety was small.

Sushi and sashimi wasn’t that fresh where each piece was badly cutted.

I was thinking maybe they couldn’t think of other dishes, and so used the chicken meat to cook 5 different cookings … roasted, steamed, curry, lemon marinated, some-current or berry mixed. Their chicken rice is nice though, but not to the extend of specially going back for that.

Their prawns and oysters were ‘quite’ fresh.

Thought the cereal prawns will be good cos my friends like them very much. But after eating 1 piece, it’s another disappointment for me. The cereal was mixed well with the sugar, cos I could taste the small junk of sugar taste on it.

The most disappointed dish was the rojak, somemore it was mixed by the chef behind the stall. It was dry and super salty. The prawn paste wasn’t mixed well at all!!!

Luckily the ice creams and chocolate fondue managed to atone for the disappointments. But really, if not for the 1-for-1 offer, I would not have stepped into this place. No sincerity I could say.

**** side track a bit ****
The Grand Shanghai in the same hotel was soooooo much better which wasn’t that cheap though. The cheapest set meal I could remember is $248. But the embience was good. If not because of a FREE department dinner there, I dun think I would have the ‘chance’ to arrange one there “P
**** end of side track 😛 ***

Nevertheless, it’s always the company you were with then, one whom you could confide with during your downtime, one whom brought out ‘brightness’ from a dull meal. I came to realised that recently …

P/S: I had actually took pix of the dishes I ate, but as mentioned above, it’s too disappointing to show out 😦

A Hearty Chat

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