Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bt. Timah

Someone is leaving XXXXXX too, and I took this opportunity of her last day there to visit my ex-ofc (after their recent reno) as well as arranging a dinner gathering with the rest.


Not knowing where for dinner, Ms C suggested this korean restaurant at Bukit Timah. So all 8 of us, including 2 newly introduced cols of theirs, headed off to the restaurant which is just located opposite Beauty World.




After our fulfilling HOT dinner, we headed off to have our dessert down the lane. As the shop was fully packed, and since our dinner wasn’t yet digested (not that fast yeh), someone suggested taking a walk down to the nearby hawker centre instead.

Well, not that after the walk could actually digest down the heavy and hot dinner we had just 15 mins ago, we were just finding excuses not to leave so early cos it’s only touched 10pm … *** hey! nite is still young on a Fri nite you know ***


Soon we settled down with our desserts and chat till 11+ before we finally decided to leave for the day : )

Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bt. Timah

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