07 Valentine’s Day

I got a surprise today! Think the email msg typed by one of the senders explained the whole incident better than me 😛

Tell u gals joke of the day !!

u know XL, T & I order flower to Da-jie’s office to surprise her for V’day.

I ordered from her friend who got this small business.

So today Da-jie received flower from her friend ( her friend help deliver personally cos’ of her own business )…then she email me telling me & asking me to guess who deliver flower to her ?

I feel so weird..how come she ask me this question? There should be a card stating who send the flower to her mah.

so i cannot tahan, called Da-jie…..she still ask me to guess..then i ask her WHO?

at last, she told it’s her friend sent flower to her..so surprise lor!

i asked her again..Are you confirmed tat its from your friend ? she said “YES….she even send it to me personally”.

Oh my god !!!….then i asked her if there a card stating the person who sent this flower ? she said “NO card”. alamak!

Then I asked wat col. is the flower (cos i order so i know it’s Pink roses). she said it’s PINK. then i cannot tahan again…i told her “It’s from US la”. DIAO !

so disapointed at 1st cos i wan to surprise her immediately when see the flowers but in the end she give me a shock ! : (

then she search for the card again…at last found the card.

OMG !!!!!!


How I know wor … so u all know wat to do in the next valentine day lah … hehehee…



I finally finished making the ‘promised’ angbao lanterns. Nice? 😀

I had initially wanted to make the angbao ‘fenglin’ and the angbao basket as well but due to the time constraint plus cny getting super near, I only managed to make the 2 pineapple lanterns and 1 coloured-ball lanterns for my sis’ hse, her mil and my hse.

07 Valentine’s Day