Day 5 – 22 Sep (Macau)

It was our last day of this trip and we had not much $ left, we went in search for a restaurant which could accept credit card for our breakfast cos we need to save the cash for purchasing their famous local snacks in Choi Heong Yuen Bakery 嘴香园 as gifts and also for the ‘unsure’ airport tax of MOP110.

After searching around for any ‘credit-card-friendly’ restaurant at the Senado Square (this time we made our way there without even looking at the map cos we realised it was actually a short distance from our hotel), we ended up changing our S$200 when we couldn’t found any. With the extra HK$ in hand then, we went to this chinese restaurant 黄枝记 which was very near to where we had our dinner the night before for their noodle meals which cost us MOP101.

After our breakfast, we went straight to Choi Heong Yuen Bakery 嘴香园 which was located just opposite the street, along the New Road, beside the Leal Senado Building 民政总署大楼. Luckily we changed some $$ cos the bakery did not accept card for purchase below MOP90 (as the mooncakes were having special promotion, so inorder to grab the discount, I had to split my purchase and use cash instead).

I found their pedestrian crossing quite interesting. There was no traffic lights at all on a 4 lanes road, so if you weren’t daring enough to place your first step, you would never be able to get across.

We headed straight back to the hotel to check out. My luggage left only little space enough to squeeze these in 😦

After placing our luggages with the conceirge, we headed off for our late lunch at Magaret’s Cafe and Nata for their 2 spaggetti set lunches (MOP26 each) and 2 baked potato sets (MOP23 each). It was simply delicious!!! Even the can drinks (MOP12 each) were tasty. JT and I almost going to buy a few cans back leh 😛

As we still had about 2hrs before leaving for the airport around 5pm, we went back to the Senado Square for last min shopping. Happened to pass by this department store, Bonjour 卓悦, which sell cheap perfume miniatures … cheaper than those found in Spore and famous brands were easily found among them too. JT had already planned to come back to this place again if she came back to Macau … some day … hmm … think Hong Kong also have it 😉 So after this ‘small’ shopping, it was almost time for us to head back to hotel.

There was a St. Honore Cakeshop, along the lane that led up to the Cathedral Square, where their rabbit designed mooncake boxes and the manly Aaron Kwok poster captured our attention everytime we passed through that lane. So since JT had decided to check in her handcarry luggage as well, JT and I squeezed out our ‘usable leftovers’ HK$ to buy this captive snowskin mooncake (MOP100) back home to try 😛

As we headed back to the hotel, we passed by Magaret’s Cafe and Nata again for some cakes to be taken on the plane.

Finally it was time to leave for the airport. As we only saved enough $$ for a single cab to the airport (fare @ MOP67), we squeezed all the pulled luggages into the boot while we ‘baby-carry’ the handcarry ones inside the cab. Think the cab was still a bit small for 4 of us with our ‘so-many’ luggages, the boot cover couldn’t even closed up. We were giggling around in the cab in Mandarin, ‘worrying’ the safety of AG’s luggage which could be seen from the rear mirror. Out of a sudden, the cab driver drove to one side and stop the cab, informing us that he was going to rearrange our luggages in the boot … in MANDARIN!!!!! We were like … shocked and laughed away in the cab … so funnie and embarrassed … hahahaha ….

As we were only allowed free checking in of luggage not exceeding 15kg per person, judging from the weight of our own luggage, we could only check in 1 luggage each. Though initally I had planned to check in my extra luaggage and had even tagged it with the fragile tag ‘designed’ by JT using our hotel room door key (hers was given a proper one by the hotel staff). But after seeing JT charged for an extra fee of HK$250 for checking in both her luggages, ay… I removed the check in tape and tag away … think it’s ‘saver’ that way 😛 Only upon checking in did we realised that their airport taxes had already been included into our air tickets @_@.

After waiting for about an hour (+15mins delay in the flight) at the waiting area, the gate was finally opened for boarding. By then it was around 6.35pm. As my handcarry luggage weight about 10kg, I was patting away when we finally chosen the seats.

It was 10.20pm by the time we reached back Spore. We were expecting it to be much later since the flight got delayed in Macau. After spending S$62.20 on a bag of red/white wine, vodka and beers from the DFS at the arrival hall, we set off back home and ended our 5D4N enjoyable trip.

My final 战利品 for the trip

Day 5 – 22 Sep (Macau)

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