Day 4 – 21 Sep (Hong Kong / Macau)

As this was our last day of our Hong Kong trip, we tried not to waste anymore time and so we were up and going around 9am again. Since I had no plan for this date (free and easy :D), someone suggested going for their typical dim sum breakfast.

While searching along the Nathan road for a suitable one, we saw some small groups of elderly going in and out of a building. After going through the dim sum promotion board found there, and since so many elderly were willing to go to this restaurant, it must be a good one (we thought) 😀 So we just follow suit … hehe …

When we stepped into the Hoi Tin (Asia) Harbour Restaurant 海天亚州渔港, we really saw a lot of aunties and uncles lor … as expected cos it was working hour then. But we could still see some OLs/OBs in their working suit which we couldn’t understand how they managed to have the time sitting relaxing, reading NEWSPAPER?!?!

Initially we were brought to share table with the others in a big round table until we spotted a 4-seaters table which was just emptied. Anyway, thinking that someone will clear the table for us, we went through the menu first. But after a while, no one seems to clear away the used stuffs, and so I approached a waitress nearby and handled over our ‘ticked’ order list to her as well. It has been quite a while before we checked our orders with another waitress cos we noticed that the other table’s order which made much later than us had arrived. Who knows our order wasn’t placed at all!!!! That waitress might have thought we passed her a used order list to be thrown away instead @_@

The different with Hong Kong dim sum restaurant was that we were given a pot of hot water and a ‘basin’ to ‘wash’ our utensils. Soon after 消毒-ing our utensils, our orders came and I think ours was the only table which was full of dim sum .. .hahaha … and they were yummy wor 😀 We were quite shocked when bill came cos it only cost us HK$181 … hmm … recommended!

After the satisfying dim sum breakfast, we headed off to last min shopping around Mong Kok especially the Ladies’ St (once more) as our check out time was 3pm … and as usual, we were STILL able to buy so much … hehehe … We went back to the hotel around 2pm+ for packing before we checked out.

We went for our lunch after placing our luggages with the concierge. Actually we had been searching for a eating house which sell nice 车仔面 (it has a very bombastic shop name called 极之好粥面茶餐厅) over the 3 days, but it wasn’t until today that we realised we had been passing by this eating house for the past few days @_@, cos JT wrongly remembered the signboard to be neon kinda of design. JT and AG had been there before but she said the food served was different from what they had during their previous trip. Anyway, the noodles were equally yummy. We spent HK$194 on this lunch.


As planned, we proceeded to buy the mooncakes from Hung Heung 恒香 and Wing Wah 荣华 after our lunch. But before that, we went in a search for a shoes shop which we went the night before. All thanks to my sis who returned my call only when I have left that place long long ago and got to return back to buy the shoes she want. Anyway we gave up after few attempts to recall and retrace the route we went through failed.

And so we proceeded to go opposite road for Hung Heung 恒香 instead. We intended to head off to Wing Wah 荣华 for our next mooncake purchase before we headed back to the hotel. Sometimes when you have no intention to go to a place, the place would kept appearing before you. But when you really need to, it just nowhere in sight. And that happened to us! We just couldn’t find the shop which we passed by so many times. So in the end they suggested to buy them from their branch at the MTR mall.

Dunno was it because of the chicken I ate (bird flu!!! @_@), the polluted air along the road or the lack of sleep accumulated, my eyes seems swollen and irritated then. And so they helped me to buy the Wing Wah mooncake, while PL and I returned back to hotel to retrieve our luggages from the concierge.

As our ferry boarding time is 6pm, we still had a bit of them to roam around the China HK City mall. Finally it’s time to bid farewell to Hong Kong 😦

We arrived Macau around 7pm and quickly made our way out of the terminal in search for Sintra shuttle bus … hehe … So after checking in back to Sintra, we left the hotel near 8pm+ for our late dinner. I was so confidently sure that when we walked out of the hotel and just had to turn left and go straight, we would reach the Senado Square. Who knows I brought them to yet another 冤枉路 to S. Francisco Garden instead … and when everyone was in hunger 😦 Note: if you are staying in Sintra, there should be 2 left turns before you head straight along Av. Infante D. Henrique 殷皇子大马路 towards Av. Almeida Ribeiro 亚美打利庇卢大马路. After directions given by the garden security guard and some friendly elderly, we went back down the road and searched for the HSBC building where a steep road beside it led all the way up to the Cathedral Square. But the problem was, after all these long walk, where should we have our dinner? So we tried walking into Senado Square for available restaurants.

Soon we came to this gourmet area where we found McDonald and the famous 蔡兰’s foodcourt, but there dun seems to have any nice food selling. So we went to the opposite and saw an interesting dessert shop that was selling milk related desserts. But since we need to take some proper dinner first, we went in to this ‘mysterious’ chinese restaurant Long Kei 龙记酒家 which neither the signboard nor the entrance tells anything … we thought it was a pub or something like dat. 误打误撞下 … it was yet another Macau’s style of chinese restaurant … should be lah har. I was more interested in their payment counter and their entrance door than their food though it wasn’t bad either, and not costly too which cost us MOP289 for a decent 4-courses dinner.

As ‘aimed’ earlier, we went in to Leitaria I Son 义顺鲜奶公司 to try out their milk desserts after our dinner. This kind of meal styles had been like dat for the past few days 😛 It seems that it was a famous dessert shop in Macau cos they had been opened for 30yr+ (as mentioned by the staff) and had few other branches located in different parts of Macau. We ordered 4 different milk combinations desserts to try… pure cooked milk 纯炖奶, egg in cooked milk 凤凰炖奶, almond milk 杏仁奶 and ginger milk 姜汁撞奶.

There was a joke behind this ginger milk. As AG wasn’t very good with chinese characters, we had to read out whatever was listed in the menu for her to choose. So my explanation for her on 姜汁撞奶 was “The Milk Clashed with the Ginger” … hahaha … funnie right?… actually should be the other way round … hahaha … oops! 😛

After our satisfying desserts at the cost of MOP64, we just roamed around and took pix around Senado Square cos most shops have closed for the day.

Think the 姜汁撞奶 was too much on me cos I couldn’t help stop laughing when taking the pix at the fountain in Cathedral Square … so after few failure attempts to take pix of them in slant pose, I gave up! Actually the reason why they tilted to one side was because they found that my camera wasn’t focusing on them, which they didn’t know that they were the 配角, and that I had wanted to take a ‘artistic’ shot of them appearing at the corner instead 😛 hehehe….

Somehow there’s nothing much to shop around at night in Macau except to casino. And since we were not pro-gamblers, we went back to the hotel for a ‘blood-sucking’ jackpot game in their small casino. Not knowing how to win the game which seems boring to us, we decided to give up the whole of HK$100. But who knows when we were happily left with 1 more round to LOSE, we WON … and with lots of points. We (or rather me) were like ‘shitting’ away … errrghhhhhh!!!!! Think we were the only few who dun wan to win in a casino … hahaha …

And so after sorting out the leftovers $$ which we could use the next day, we went to bed much earlier than in Hong Kong.

Day 4 – 21 Sep (Hong Kong / Macau)

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