Talk of the town

My dept major event had finally ended successfully at Shangri-la hotel on Tuesday nite. Being the major coordinator for the event, I was very relieved that everything went on smoothly and everyone has enjoyed themselves that nite.

After covering job for a month, I could finally hand over the job back to my col early this week. So right now, I’m back to normal routine. Plus I was also done with the 2 personal major ‘projects’, I could finally arrange meet ups and shoppings! Yippi! 😛

So first was to the talk of the town, Vivo City, which was officially opened on 6 Dec.

CL, EK and me arranged to meet up yesterday. As Da Mei’s office was super near Vivo, and I could be able to reach earlier that the rest, I arranged to meet Da Mei’s for a short shopping around Harbourfront and Daiso in Vivo.

And so while waiting for the other 2, me and Da Mei, together with her col, went to the Daiso. However the sight at the Sky Park where we had to bypass before reaching Daiso so interesting … the sunset scene, childrens playing at the pools of water, the landscape and the spacious area … soon I reached out for my digicam and took a few shots there … suddenly felt like a tourist again … hahahaa ….


Somehow … my hp batt always went low when I had appointment for the day. And so I had to stick closely to Da Mei’s cos the rest had to call me when they arrived. But who knows, EK who was also not very familiar with Vivo had the same fate as me too! Her hp batt was low too! Oh no! Then how should we guide her of the way?! Anyway, the whole communications was quite messy, and being the only contactable person, Da Mei joined us for the rest of the nite.

Finally after waiting for a while around the information counter for EK, we finally caught sight of her! Phew!

Since CL will take a while to arrive, we brought EK up to the Sky Park for a walk. The Food Republic foodcourt at the same level was interesting too …sua ku me lah if you want to say, cos I find the stall and the deco inside was very interesting and nice wor. But too crowded.


By this time, CL had arrived too. And since not knowing where for dinner, we went up to Food Republic again. But still, we ended up at B2 for the Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant for their famous wanton mee which CL had suggested.

A very 古色古香 restaurant. I like their wooden tables and chairs. If I ever had a flat with balcony, I will either go for this kind of funiture or the round mable table that used to be seen on olden days coffeeshop. I could hardly see them now except in M’sia. Though $5 for a bowl of wanton mee is kinda of ex, but it’s worth a try on their mee, it’s difficult from those found in coffeeshops and foodcourts. Heard their noodle were imported from Sarawak directly.


Oh! And oso their fried wantons. We were so engrossed with the food that I forgotten to take a pix of the bowl of wantons when they were just served to us. EK wanted me to specially mentioned that the amount of wantons shown on the pix wasn’t belonged to the $7 serving which was of course much more … hahaha …

Soon after our satisfying dinner, we started our xmas shopping ‘spree’. Not really a ‘spree’ lah, cos we din really bought much. 😀 Still new to the place, and most boutiques were quite hi-end shops. But I do grabbed some items 🙂


Da Mei left at around 9pm+ while we continued with ours.


We seems quite relunctant to leave and so rested at Burger King for a drink. After enough of resting, we went around the mall again and was surprised that some of the shops and restaurants were still opened, and it was already midnite then.




At around 1am, we finally decided to leave. The taxistand queue was rather long and so we decided to flag for cab at the main road instead. It only took me $7+ to reach home but who know’s it took $26 for EK and $18 for CL to reach their place!?! Think it’s better to leave the place early for them loh ^_*

Talk of the town

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