After hibernating for a month plus, I’m finally towards ‘freedom’.

For the month plus, I have been extremely busy with work and 2 major personal ‘projects’. Work will not be mentioned here … cos it’s bored (_ _)

The 2 major personal ‘projects’ mentioned were the Macau-Hong Kong trip and Da Mei’s wedding day webbies. As a lot of editings and captions had to be done, I used almost 1 whole month to work on both despited the numbers of OTs during the same period. And worse of all, I had to chase on a series of TVB drama vcd/dvd sets. I will further elaborate on this in the next few posting after I had finished watching the 4th set.

Da Mei’s wedding day webby should have been done half a year ago. But I dragged working on it until recently cos since I couldn’t rush it out earlier, I would rush it out as their 1st anniversary ‘gift’ then 😛

Regarding those major personal ‘projects’, once again I will elaborate more in the next few postings.

So now back to the de-hibernating day event.

Ever since I came to know about this contest from gardenia bread promotion strap (actually it was my 老豆 told me about it ^_* … he always seems very excited when he found any news on Hello Kitty from any publications cos he knows I like it lor … hehe 😛 ), I had been looking forward to the Hide and Seek exhibition.


But my luck wasn’t that good. I meant … in getting FREE entry tickets 😛

Firstly, I had my family members to eat the loaves of gardenia breads more during these periods because I had wanted to collect as much promotion straps as possible for the contest. After sending out 4 entries(envelopes), I got nothing 😦

2006hkhidenseek-esSecondly, when I got to know my BIL is involved in the designing contest of this event, I really wish he could win … then he can invite me to the preview 😛 But but but … 😦 shhh … dun let him see this entry 😛 Anyway, he managed to give me the free exhibition brochure which he took from his friend who won the design competition and had brought him to the preview. Actually the brochure was also given out to those with the entry tickets 😀 … but the one he received was given an extra item … maybe exclusive to the preview ba.

Well, since I couldn’t get FREE ones, then I would just 乖乖 purchase their tickets online since I could get 10% off as a Sanrio’s member. Remember the membership card that I applied at the Sanrio Fair? I received their letter with regards to this exhibition. \ (^o^) /

Anyway I had announced this offer to my cols who love HK too! Yo! Yo! 😀

Jac’s bd happened to fall on the first day of the exhibition, and so had her bf ‘celebrate’ her bd there ^_* And so I helped her to make the booking. Who knows they need the cc holder (me) for verification during the collection of the tickets. And so I went down with her the date before where we used this ‘chance’ to search for the exact location of The Arts House 😛 You see … we were not those very artistic ppl and so rarely goes to such area 😛 And it was then that we came to know about the preview as we saw reception set ups and helpers around guiding the invitees.

After confirmation from CL, I finally made our own booking for the last exhibition day. Die die oso must go! Cos I had been eyeing this exhibition since their ‘debut’ in Hong Kong last year.

Since the major dept event is getting nearer and with preparations in the final stage, I could more or less relax a bit and therefore de-hibernating earlier specially for this last exhibition day.

We could had reached the exhibition earlier, but because CL forgotten to take her ATM card and so I volunteerly arranged to meet her at Bugis instead to kapo follow her to her office which was locked! 😦 Anyway, since we meeting around noon, we were both hungry too. And so decided to settle down for a MOS meal before we set off to the exhibition.

(xmas deco @ Parco Bugis Junction)

2006120217sAnd so around 2pm, we arrived at the Arts House to be welcomed by staffs in Hide and Seek tees (I prefered these tees to those limited ed tee ^_* … if only I know one of them … cos I believed guys wouldn’t be interested in keeping these tees right 😛 ) and also the brochure with quizzes sheet.

Actually those questions were published in the brochure. But I did not know that we could be so ‘ON’ in answer those quizzes, if not I would not have just browse through when I first received it from my BIL.

Think we were influenced by the ‘On-ness’ of a new friend (dun think we actually introduced each other) that we met there. She approached us first, suggesting that we share and search for answers together, cos it’s faster that way. True!

After some chats with her, we found that she IS a SUPER Hello Kitty fan. I think we still better hide somewhere 😛 As she was alone, we shared the exclusive photo shots with her too. I meant by spliting the fees for each individual shots we 3 took, so that all 3 of us were able to take 2 shots each : ) (CL was blurred with the calculation then … which actually I was too … hehehe …)


Actually no personal shots to be taken during the exhibition, but somehow …


As mentioned earlier, this new friend IS a SUPER Hello Kitty fan. Before we left the exhibition hall, she bought a lots of limited ed items. Some were bought on behalf of her friends though. But it was the S$299.90 Detective Kitty that we were amazed of. And since we couldn’t had the heart to buy that down, she was kind enough to lend it to us for taking pix with … hahahaha … super CS us 😀


It was almost the closing time when we left. We headed towards Raffles City for some window shopping while the new friend continued her ‘journey’ to Bugis. As we had burned lots of calories from the ‘walk’ at the exhibition and the long walk from Parliament Lane to Raffles City, and the ‘walk’ from the window shopping-ing, we were soon hungry and settled down for dinner at Thai Express since CL got discount 😛


After the yummy dinner, we continued our ‘window’ shoppings before we finally set off home around 8pm+.

Wat a good one for a de-hibernating day! =(^_^)=


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