2nd Hi-Tea Gathering + Sales Hopping

It had been quite a while since our last hi-tea gathering. We finally chosen this date for a hi-tea at Marriott Cafe @ Marriott Hotel. But this time, the group was smaller as compared to the one held end May.

2006102201sBefore our hi-tea at 3pm, CL and I first went to the Sanrio Fair at Taka Talking Hall. However the so-called discount prices were still quite high for certain items, I only managed to grab a plastic water flask and 2 rice bowls which only cost me S$19.90 in total. Actually it took me quite a while to choose the bowls cos I’m a very QC person 😛 CL almost fainted there (no lah…hahaha….) However, CL managed to grab quite a no. of stuffs, cos she was also choosing her x’mas gifts there. Anyway, our total amt. spent at the fair enable us to redeem a free sanrio umbrella, which I gave this up to CL who spent the most while I applied for the sanrio membership : )

Soon PL arrived at the Talking Hall, and together we went over to the cafe to meet up the rest.






2006102234sBefore I finally received the Macau/HK trip cdr from PL, I was already chased (or 吊猪头-ed) by some of them for the outstanding posting which has dragged since we returned a month ago. (Hi gals! Please be ensure that I will rush that out cos I had brought my ofc super heavy laptop home over the weekends to start on it 😛 … but I had problem loging in to my laptop :p )

2006102230sDespite their exams coming up this week, EK and NL still managed to make the effort to appear for the hi-tea … super gam xia m(_ _)m

Not knowing where to go after the hi-tea, someone suggested that we head for the Bodyshop Sale at Suntec City after seeing CL with a no. of toiletries she purchased from the sale some days ago. As NL and CW needed to get some reference books from Borders first before joining us at the sale hall, and EK needed to be at her mum’s house for dinner, we spilted in 3 directions.

2006102238sWe were quite lucky cos by the time we arrived at the sale hall, we were left with 30mins before their last day’s closure. And so we grabbed few items there while informing NL and CW on the closure timing. They had decided not to come over since the sale will be over by then and had proceeded to the Taka Talking Hall after seeing our 战利品.

After the Bodyshop Sale, we went over to another hall for another sale hop 😛 but din managed to get anything there.

We seems very reluctant to leave for the day and so roamed around Suntec and settled down at McDonald for a small bite before we finally headed for home.

2nd Hi-Tea Gathering + Sales Hopping

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