0729 Makan Makan Jalan Jalan

This ‘outing’ wasn’t as merry as the previous one but it’s equally enjoyable.

As both EK and my hair were getting messier, we decided for a haircut at FEP before meeting the rest for hi-tea at intended Marriot Cafe.

After arriving at the salon on the appointment time of 1.30pm, we were told that it’s not our turn yet and suggested us to come back after 20 mins or so. So EL and I went around FEP to window shopping and were back in the salon near 2pm. Who knows the boss thought our cutting was to be handle by him and that’s why he couldn’t find my booking. So after ‘much’ checking done, his assistant confirmed my booking, which I mentioned that I need no particular hairstylist since it’s only a simple cut/wash/blow.


Defendant: “Well…you see…I based on the namecard I have taken during my last trip to this salon back 2 years ago. I called up the phone no. in which was supposed to belong to unit 1XX then (note: they have 2 branches on the same level), so when we went to unit 1XX, they couldn’t find my name in their booking record but found it on the other branch’s record instead, so I thought I really got it wrong. But…but…but..but…but when I reached home and compared the old namecard with the new one, hey! I din call wrongly hor…it’s them who route that no. to the other branch one … humph 😦 … ”
Verdict: Not my fault…release on the spot 😀

While waiting for my turn, PL arrived.


The cut/wash/blow was extremely draggy…draggy until we were able to ‘see’ (EK and I still in the salon while PL went out to take pix for us to view) the ‘terrorists attack’ game launch at the atrium which scheduled at 3.30pm.


And oh mine!…our hi-tea booking has been shifted from 3pm to 3.30pm and we were still in the salon! @_@ So by 3.45pm and since mine still not done, we decided to cancel the hi-tea that will end at 5pm and switched to the ala carte dim sum at Imperial Treasure Restaurant at NAC where we were supposed to meet CL for our lateeeeeee lunch…more of a super early dinner by then.







While still struggling to finish the ‘leftovers’, our eyes were attracted towards the other table beside us…cos their orders looked more interesting than ours…more of the Hong Kong style of afternoon tea break kind. Anyway, by the time we stepped out of the restaurant, we saw people queuing up for dinner at the restaurants everywhere.

After dinner, we went window-shopping at Taka and then proceeded back to FEP for more shopping … bought a few items there.


Finally we left for the day around 9pm+ ……..

P/S: Oh…it’s my Da Mei’s actual birthday…Happy Birthday wor … muack muack! ‘Cheap cheap’ blouse as my gift for u … no lahhh … just bought something suitable for u … (which doesn’t fit me lor :P). Oh?! … does that mean I dun have to buy birthday gift for Xiao Mei next mth … since I bought her this useful 3-in-1 sling bag 😛 kekeke…

0729 Makan Makan Jalan Jalan

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